British OO Gauge Model Railway Layout

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Here is the latest video from the Yaxley Mountain Railway OO Gauge Layout which is owned and operated by my mate Nathan. Here we have a mixture of Modern and Classic trains, but this time one of the visiting trains is a Mehano RENFE AVE100 in HO gauge and this is the first time that this layout has seen an electric train operate on it. Two Class 60’s attended in the form of 60078 in Mainline Aircraft Blue livery which was my friend Ali’s and the other tug was 60008 in EWS livery fitted with a DCC ESU LokSound Decoder and Rolls Royce Nimbus Engine sounds loaded into the sound chip and the speaker used is the standard 24mm type that comes with the sound chip. I also brought along my 153 in Central Trains livery while Steve and Ali fetched along some very nice looking steam locomotives such as the Mallard in LNER blue livery numbered 4468 and the Flying Scotsman in LNER green livery numbered 4472. There is some other steam locomotives in this video but I can’t remember which types they were :(. Although I think the LMS Maroon Locomotive could be the Royal Scot as it looks a lot like that one featured in Microsoft Train Simulator!

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Spiro20004 says:

@EWS60008 is it possible to show a trackplan of the layout cus ive just started building my own layout and im gathering ideas.

MrCrispybake says:

at 2:16 this is waht i thought. o my it is the rare disappearing tree.

Adam Bussey says:

@EWS60008 OK

MegaTrainlover says:

Nice layout. Is it DC or DCC?

Adam Bussey says:

do you live in yaxley

Jtag Sheep says:

@EWS60008 get a 31 theb ull have a colection in rf livery

Jtag Sheep says:

@EWS60008 lol mye 31 i got this christmas is soo loud ive had to lower it down from my mum shouting the house down

Jtag Sheep says:

@EWS60008 lol im guna set my new sound full blast lol

NSMerryweather4771 says:

@moleman1961 Yes, it is in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire.

Jtag Sheep says:

ok nice layout

moleman1961 says:

Some savage landscaping at 2:28! is this Yaxley as in Cambs?

Whizzer1 says:

is that a TGV i mean the sliver train at the start going round the corner tunnel

jaannetts16 says:

5* great vid

NSMerryweather4771 says:

Very Nice video Ash, 5*. im glad you enjoyed the day

NSMerryweather4771 says:

Thank-you very much. although it is no where near completion yet 😉

freid001 says:

amazing layout

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