How To Install a 2-Stroke 66cc 80cc BULLET TRAIN Engine Kit for Motorized Gas Bicycle

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Learn more about the Bullet Train Engine KIt here ►
The first 2-stroke motorized bicycle engine kit with an automatic clutch (centrifugal) and electric start.
Download our 2-Stroke 66/80cc Centrifugal Clutch Electric Start Engine Kit e-book ► ►
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Everything you need to make your own Motorized Bicycle.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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ryan deloge says:

What can't u put grease in the pedels

ed says:


Roy Hemion says:

uh…lol…its only 12 damn volts and it's DC aka, direct current….you can lick the top of that battery and be ok….touching it with both hands without gloves is perfectly fine….

Derek Thompson says:

THUMBS DOWN its heap of crap what is the problem son you are TOO LAZY to pedal (a bicycle)? I thought all you rich Americans could afford a proper motor bike

RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

That carburetor needed adjusting,you could hear it bogging while giving it the gas. Fine tuning those can be a headache.

Berny Andriani says:

i have one question! where is the best kit? i want buy one but realy i not idea which one can u help me?

Daniel Ramirez Garcia says:

Sube más videos xfa

neil brown says:

you got a sub great video.

Chris Moore says:

What's the top speed compared to the regular 80cc bike kit

Marcopolo Moreno says:

will this work on a road bike

Jon Riley says:

So should I get a normal 80cc 2 stroke or 212cc 4 stroke?

Steven Main says:

The only tools used in the video are the ones narrating and installing this kit.

Fabio Alzate says:

How fast does it go's?

Super Savege Siracha Sauce says:

Why do you you need oil in the engine if you also put it in the gas!?

Carsten Castaneda says:

I don't see these bolts and nuts being tightened all the way, should I finish tightening them with a wrench?

uriel salas says:

Just get a fucking dirtbike for fuck

Danny Torino says:

Nice engine. But I want a manual clutch to be street legal. As a centrifugal clutch in the state I live in could be considered an "automatic transmission" by dumb robots that enforce even dumber rules.

James Ortiz says:

Do you sell replacement batteries?

Marty Wickstrom says:

Never tighten a spark plug as tight as you can on a aluminum head, you will strip the treads.

ferdinand toribio says:

Sir good work. Sir howmuch the engine. And howmany cc. Thanks

Diego De La Puente says:

So which is it 66cc or 80cc?

George Valdez says:

What did all the this cost and could i use a huffy cruiser bike?

Robert Fox says:

The flat washer under the lock washer renders the lock washer useless.

Robert Fox says:

The flat washer under the lock washer renders the lock washer useless.

Robert Fox says:

A flat washer under a lock washer renders the lock washer useless.

glenn allen says:

Is there a way to put a transmission on the bike so you can use the gears on the bike and leave your disk brakes on the back wheel

Daniel Dickow says:

At the end Did he really call it a two stroke taking straight gas and oil in the motor

Tom Slak says:

Exhaust gasket is made of COPPER not brass.

cat burglar57 says:

Always hook up the negative terminal on a battery LAST, and take it off FIRST. Basic safety rule.

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