Making my model railway tunnel

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Trevlac Tunnel for my model railway 00 gauge layout.

This is a two minute video of how I made it in one day. It cost around £20 (2013). It is 4ft wide which is my (non-permanent) layout’s width. Then about 2ft deep and 9 inches high. I sprayed it grey and black and was going to cover it in gravel and grass but liked it as it was, so left it. If you use the insulating foam wear gloves and don’t touch it, as it is hard to get off.

UPDATE: I’ve since found an easier way using insulation foam board. Look at my video called ‘Calverton Layout 4 Pt 3’ and scroll to one minute in.

Music is Mondo a go-go by Eat Static.

Internet search ‘Calvertfilm’.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Fuzion Gaming 2018 says:

Now that is to reuse a box ps epic video

Erik Nieuwenhuijzen says:

1.25 thats totally awsome when you get spraying….its al seems to be a moantain tunnel Like and Nice!;)

harleynut1961 says:

not a fan of the finished mountain but great idea for the shell. thanks

SleeTheSloth says:

Dam That's a great IDEA!

Tom Stull says:

Awesome, turned out looking realistic , can't wait to try it.

Tim Marshall says:

There's scary music there… 🙂

Darren Bunch says:

This is fantastic, myself and my boy are going to try and make one, we're did you get the brick work tunnel from please,fantastic

Redy Pepe says:

Respect! Great job!

The Train Dude says:

Brilliant! Using this method on NGauge!

PlymouthtoLeedsonaXCHST says:

Good tunnel I,m building one right now,I,m using a inner carpet tube cut in half so you get the perfect arch and then cover it over inside using brick sheets,I will put a video on when I finish it.

Calvertfilm says:

It's the way YouTube works Sam lol.

SG says:

How did I get from Sam tabor skateboarding to this…. Oh we'll I'm off to make a tunnel now lol

Big Don's Model Trains says:

You could put Mount Rushmore in there lol

Corey says:

Building one now for our train. How many cans of spray foam and paint did you use? You show pushing down on the foam, is that to compress the foam?

Five Elms says:

Hi mate. Regarding your recent message that i cant seem to reply to i have come to your channel direct. I get most of my stuff from ebay, ehattons, and warley model railway show in Birmingham. Hope this helps. Jason.

Calvertfilm says:

I've since found a better way using layers of insulation foam. Towards the end of my Calverton Layout 4 Pt 3 video.

Calvertfilm says:

After the cardboard bit was done but before the spraying of the foam. But the spraying can be hard to control. OK only for large pieces like this.

I've since found a better way using insulation board. If you look at my video called: 'Calverton Layout 4 Pt 3' and scroll to one minute in, you'll see the improved method. Hope that helps.

karl moulder says:

very good job,, just one thing???? when did you fit the tunnel entrenses. very cheap way of doing.

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