Metcalfe Card Kit PO340 Platform Canopy

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The lastest addition to the Moorway South layout – the Platform Canopy card kit from Metcalfe Models (PO340). In this video I’ll show you how I assembled this kit and included an LED light within the construction process. Also featured in this video is the Metcalfe Station Clocks kit (PO515).

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


mbaker335 says:

Is the clock facing the right way? It would give the time to passengers on the facing platform rather than along the platform where the canopy is located.

Strathpeffer Junction says:

Fantastic video. Many thanks. Looks like a lovely kit. What colour of led did you go for? Orange or warm white? 🙂

chris burrell says:

excellant video and well put togeather on the light, clocks and kit. well done

William Wade says:

Neat wiring job on an excellent kit.

Headly South says:

Great way of hiding the lights / wiring… so many idea's buzzing round my head

Southern1380 Tennessean says:

When is the next update?

Dan Lawrie says:

Great video and a great looking kit, nice work with that light!  Just subbed so looking forward to seeing more.  Cheers, Dan

Art May says:

I think I might try using these type kits thanks for sharing

Charlie's Shed says:

Another top job on the layout sir. 

Ocean City says:

Thank you for sharing your ideas. You have made an excellent job of the assembly and given inspiration for my layout. The lighting and the adaption used of the shrouding of the LED can be transferred to other applications.

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