How To Use Signals on Model Railways

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In this video we have a brief look at the building and making operational of signal kits. Ratio semaphore kits are covered, including a full guide to what is needed underneath baseboard level to make them work remotely using the supplied Ratio remote control kit.

We also take a look at colour aspect signals and a brief look at what is needed to make them work. The colour aspect kits on Bolton Trinity Road are Traintronics heads mounted on a Dapol signal gantry and operated through Hornby Dublo G3 (green) on-on switches.

Bolton Trinity Road is a compressed model of the real Bolton Trinity Street in around 1980, though much simplified to fit the space available. Like “Grove street yard” (Model Rail issue 143) before it, it has been built utilising recycled materials as much as possible to keep costs down. Much of its materials are reused from previous scrapped model layouts.

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99 IZE says:

jenny you're a true gem

Willimations says:

I love the pug at the start, surprised it was able to pull all that, bless it

Adrian Rosenlund-Hudson says:

Hej Jennifer. Couldn't help me with where to put signals on my layout, could you please? I have a 6'X4' layout in progress, and know nothing about where signals go, or what the difference is between 'home' and 'distant'. Otherwise, thanks for another great video 😀

Carol. Taylor says:

Hello Jennifer,so nice to see another female who enjoys model railways.I been doing for some while now myself,Mine is based upon Hayling Island from Havent Hampshire.See mant video's films concerning this,The line was closed in 1963.If you gain a chance look it up.I am in the process ofdoing the old style signals at the moment,level crossing as well Carol

Vivian Dall'Armi says:

Nice informative video on signals. Nicer yet the fact that comes from a young lady in railroad modeling. A definite rarity.
(From another such rarities). Well done
Vivian D.

n moughton says:

Very nice video on signals!!!
Ive subbed.

Iain Botham says:

7:22 Like button "tickled."  Unfortunately, it never crosses my mind to "like" someone's clip and I usually never notice how many likes/dislikes they have 

Anonymous says:

Women in sheds!

John Mellor says:

We'll done Jenny, 35,000 views for a very useful intro to signals for our model railways.

Langdon Tomkins says:

Very informative video. I am cheating a bit by installing Dapol signals but do model in N guage and have made Ratio N guage signals work but they are as delicate as can be. Having been a signalman on a preserved line have seen signal planted on layouts in haphazard positions. Signalling is fascinating and fun when understood. This BR video might be of interest and put signalling into context. BR – Signalling

dilwich123 says:

I wish you were my girl friend, 🙂

davidrobert2007 says:

talking about leds and polarity, if you use a bridge rectifier polarity doesn't matter. Nice vid.

Bobby D says:

"Tickle that light button"?! I'll have a pint of what you're on! LOL. Nice presentation and I'm pleased to see how the semaphores work. I have two boxes of NER lattice ones and, up to now, daren't open the box! Thanks for the inspiration.

mark white says:

good golly gosh..

Jennifer E. Kirk says:

I have a class 85 electric, along with a class 411 EMU and class 419 MLV. They were all impulse purchases but they run just fine despite the lack of model third rail or overhead catenary!

canadahat says:

I model n-scale, but I love watching your videos, I think I watched a few of them several times. I'm amazed by how much you've fit into a very small shed. Great job. Do you have any electrics or plan to get any?

Jennifer E. Kirk says:

I'll see what I can do.

9501599 says:

Hio Jennifer nice to see a young lady modelling railways I like what you have done and the advice is good well done

mrbluenun says:

Hello Jennifer,

I wish I had found your channel long before now, as I too have always wondered how these Signals work.
Thanks for the upload.

I have no room for a full set up, so put my efforts into viewing rather than doing!

Take care, and thanks again.

clearskys100 says:

Thanks Jenny. So Wonderful to see a Bright Girl into Model railways .A Great job with the Video ! I,am going to look at your other videos. Thanks, Ian T.

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