Scratchbuilding a turnout for your model railroad

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Close – Model Railroad Hobbyist editor Charlie Comstock shows how he scratchbuilds turnouts for his HO scale model railroad. Charlie uses only a pair of homemade jigs, a few PC ties, rail, and solder. Learn how you too, can scratchbuild special trackwork, save precious hobby $$, and get the satisfaction of having your own. It’s easier and quicker than you think!

This video is a companion to Charlie’s Up the Creek column in the June 2012 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine.

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David Frazier says:

WOW! great vid.

GreaterVisionFarms says:

Awesome video I am for sure going to follow this again with all the parts and build my first Thank you!

John Brogan says:

how would you build a ladder turnout say for 4 tracks?

Don Rogers says:

Very good need some practice will have to get some parts thanks

Peter Stecks says:

Fabulous. Thank you!!!

junglist Shawn says:

gross fingernails

ThePizzaboy150 says:

wow very impressive

Aniket Pal says:

can I make it from cardboard instead of rails

Aniket Pal says:

can I make it from cardboard instead of rails

Mr. Gilly says:

how many turnouts can you build with one pack of rail?

whitequeen1900 says:

Nice video and have useful ideas, i really enjoy watching.


boy u wonderful work there

Larissa Avellar says:

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James Moon says:

Charlie Comstock, thank you for the clear instructions on building your jig for frogs.  Will be making one this afternoon to build custom turnouts and a wye,

Patrick Devlin says:

What brands of guitar do you own?

Thomas Austin says:


Harry Haefner says:

You have the patience for sure…so thanks for showing!

Patrick Lawless says:

Hi. This is an excellent video!  Unlike many DIY videos on Youtube, you have good camera work, excellent narration, and all the necessary information.  Thanks for taking the trouble to do this. Cheers! 

kevinmsmr1 says:

This is easily one of the very best tutorial videos I've seen. I've watched it several times, and will probably watch it  at least a few more.

VE2XJS says:

its a beauty to see you work! Thank you for sharing this knowledge!

Robert Andreone says:

great video… i was wondering if or how to make my own frog forming jig; i want to make #4 & #3 turnouts in O scale.. esp as noone makes a #3 turnout in 148 O 2 with your video which i will be returning to for reference, i can..thank you.

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