Building a Model Railway – Part 12 – Depot Office & Car Park

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In this part I start work on the difficult little area between the head shunt and the depot sidings. I’m also improving the scenery on other areas as I go. Enjoy

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KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


OperatorErrorz says:

Tip from another modeler: Avoid using so much glue as you did in the beginning. Spray Adhesive works just as well (if not better) and will give you cleaner results. Good work.

roger white says:

Soz l'm being impolite for not introducing myself, l'm Kris from Poole. I'm currently building a 4track BR/NSE 3rd EMU orrienated

layout DCC powered with lighting and a 5 track high level terminus above the hidden loops. I'm finding your tutorials very educational and easy to follow thanks.

roger white says:

l notice that you run HST's, are these deeffluent detanked elsewhere or are you gonna build one cos that will a interestring addition

MJRedevelopers says:

the address for tomorrow night and day and night and day out of the trucking so I'm doing a lot of work you looking to buy it now I have to plan your trip.

Anonymous says:

Always amazing to watch! How long did those areas take to do in real time minus using the camera?

Fergus Head says:

What grass do you use

Simon de Jong says:

Leave the spelling error in there, it's a nice easter egg 😉

Hungry Guy says:

I like how there's a patch of green trying to grow among that oily ground. Life will find a way…

Nathan Jenkins says:

Great layout everard junction ! Can't stop watching

Nathan Jenkins says:

Please check out Amery Junction ! If you like and enjoy this type of content ! Worth a look I saw it on a different channel . New to YouTube great video

shaggy271073 says:

what scale is it?

Jaden Uren says:

Absolutely love the layout Richard keep up the amazing work. I hate to point this out but how do the cars get in and out of the car park

Bob Stinson says:

You hope you gave some ideas. You HOPE you gave….. YOU HOPE YOU GAVE SOME IDEAS. Buddy, you delivered in spades! Truly a fantastic job. Famtastic is an understatement. Well done.

THE HOFF says:

simply the finest model railway of my era that I have ever seen, I can watch movements all day long. Well done & keep up all the work that you are doing.

paul surfield says:

Hi may I ask what pva glue do you use as I'm starting out

Juan Velasquez says:

I can't stop watching!

Darryl Laird says:

Great work, very inspired to do this one day when time allows. Just a quick note of the spelling on the Junction signage, Visitors…. not Visistors

Leonce Yaro says:

You are the best. The for the nice videos

MrMyco90 says:

Love the new car park! maybe a few oily deposits in those parking bays as a finishing touch?

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