How To Completely Clean and Lubricate Ho scale Locomotives, Steam and Diesel

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just thought i’d make a video for beginners on how to lube your ho scale engines i use labelle which in my opinion is the best out there. These tips and tricks can be applied to any engines or any scale.

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Mansoor Siddiqui says:

hey I also have a Rio Grande Locomotive and the rear coupler broke off, can you do a video on how to fix it?

Robert Holiman says:

I know this video has been out for a long time now. but how would you clean the carbon scoring off the commutator?

Minjoe Langston says:

thank you for a great vid on how to lube a ho train

Bowie Bear says:

You really don't show much, mostly your hands and not what your actually doing. You need better positioning of the camera! Sorry


Hello. I have an Athear F7 Santa Fe. I had it for almost 10 years. I ran it for 6 hrs straight and now it stutters. I cleaned the wheels off and I am debating on getting the bachmann Ez lube oils and grease. Will I have to take my engines whole body off? How will I be able to get the the gears on it? What type of oil would you prefer for me to use? Light, med, heavy?

Doug McKay says:

that was great I do have a question I have just pic up a athreans 42448 steam in daylight color and it's in need of some cleaning it sat for over 20 yrs any advice on how to proceed

Valerie Newby says:

The communincator is very dirty  should I clean it, if I should what do I use

irishthump73 says:

Regardless of the type of lubricant you should never, EVER put any lubricant on the commutator. It should be kept dry and polished.

1JZPWR says:

hey man fantastic video! ive got labelle 102, 106 and 107 on their way!

Joe Schmeltzer says:

Very informative, ty  🙂

Ted Ferguson says:

about once a year unless you operate them alot. just see if gears look dry and put lubication on them then

Bobbi Matson says:

"Deoxit" only!

dobson thomas says:

Very nice video, I prefer the simpler loco's myself. Question, whats your advice for a more in depth overhaul and cleaning? I've got a bachmann 0-6-0 switcher, not that different from the steam engine in your vid, that I've been using an all purpose lub to work on(labelle 108), no grease, didn't have any. It ran fine the first two times I serviced it, but after the last time its been sputtering and jerking around on the track. Any advice to help, other than stripping the whole thing down and scrubbing the lube off?

motionboy356 says:

This demo was of excellent help.
With average humidity (dehumidifier running in the summer), and average room temperature, how frequent would you lubricate your locomotives and/or rolling stock joints? Is there a tell tale sound the worm gear makes with the gears in the trucks to indicate it's time for a lube job? Cheers man.

Bob Wehner says:

If you put a little goo gone on a paper towel and place it over a test track you can place the engines on the paper towel and turnover on low it will clean the wheels for you and if you roll cars over Irtysh will clean their wheels also.

strongbear1saved says:

how often do the loco's have to be cleaned?

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