World’s Scariest Model Train Wrecks

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Would you like to avoid horrendous wrecks like the ones seen here? You can with the right tools

Please, don’t let another senseless train wreck occur. Do it for the kids.

A reality show about the scourge of wrecked model trains. Watch it if you dare…

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Sale Price: $138.08

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Nickel plate road 765 says:

If this is a real thing I'll laugh my face off

Gordon no.4 says:

What little children think of when their toy train is derailed.

Felix Uadiale says:

lol I remember when my uncle who got me into trains first showed me this, good times

TheCoasterCompleater says:

0:60 hey! An imac g3! I have one! Also my ho layout uses that same transformer!

Harrison La time traveler says:

Seriously what do model train wrecks have to do with anything.

AULIS A.O.T [Aulis On Tagasi] says:

When i was 5 years old

Bill Brett says:

Can't something be done about all these wrecks?

adam maclachlan says:

Erm let me get this straight the boys train derails the next thing u know there are SCIENTISTS IN THE GOD DAMM HOUSE!!!!!!!! What is this to them a murder scene

COREMELTDOWN 776776 says:

how are model train wrecks scary

Jaw Tooth says:

That was great!!

lengatraff says:

Very funny. Good piece of work

Vics Films says:


Extre-vile says:

Tomorrow, this video will be 10 years old.

Tony Wony says:

i'm dying ow stupids is this

Republic of Ravenswood says:

wish you made another one of these

Sean Bodine says:

Alright this is gonna be so- AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slider91us says:


04 warlock says:

This a parody????

Jesse Isbell says:

I just realized their 'expert' is talking backward.
Took me what? Eight years to figure that out?

JD izboss4life says:

Did they say those words "graphic" and "disturbing"

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