Large HO Scale Model Train Layout

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This is a 1930’s style model railroad called Douglassville Locomotive Works (DLW for short). This layout is located in Douglassville, PA. It took the owner, Jay Matz (and friends), 20 years to build this large layout, and it is still expanding! The rail line that runs two Shays and one Climax is “Pine Ridge Lumber” and the two main lines are “Berkshire and Allegheny” and “Neversink Railroad”. The layout’s website is

trainguy3 was the one who took me here, please check out his channel, he might have some videos soon

“Berkshire and Allegheny” “Neversink Railroad” “Pine Ridge Lumber” Shay climax 2-4-0 HO Scale model train layout 1930 1930’s trains locomotive locomotion 2-6-0 0-6-0 diesel rail railroad railway steam

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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BNSF3012 Nscale says:

I would assume you are not a professional videographer…so the video is ok. Not great, but watchable. I have certainly seen far worse.
As to the talking (which I didn't really think there was that much of), at least half the train videos on here(at least, the ones I've watched) have people talking in the background. Get used to it. And if the moron who commented about the talking doesn't like YOUR FRIENDS talking while you shoot a video, Youtube have this nifty little function for knobs like him….its called MUTE!
Very very nice layout, nice trains, awesome scenery. Keep it up! 🙂

Bob Stinson says:

You spend a lot of money and time building a layout. You outfit the locos with sound and then want to video it but all fails. Why would you invite a bunch of ratchet jaws over who then run their mouths constantly and ruin the effect you spent so much time to create? Nice layout but please revideo it when you are alone or with people who will remain silent. That way your audience can enjoy what you envisioned and created.

Eustace Greaves Jr says:

I am unable to have a layout right now, so please don't take down this great video.

John McBride says:

Loved the video! Everything looks good and runs and sounds great.  Especially enjoyed those Shays. I appreciate all the work you've put into the layout and it certainly seems like you have a lot of fun which is what the hobby is all about.  Thanks.

jdubbjazzbass says:

do not take the video down,you have to realize some people are(STUPID)and have nothing better to do but complain!!

Robin Atkinson says:

There are some folk you just can;t please , the camera work is great.Thanks ,Rob Atkinson.

John Grove says:

Great Layout

AmericanModelTrainProductions says:

hey you don't need to be so mean about it. i think its fine. the camera work

Jackson Graham says:

I think the camera work is awesome, and epic. 😀

Jackson Graham says:

I think the camera work is awesome, and epic. 😀

eukaryon says:

Amazing layout.  Nice work with the pipe loads, it adds life to the scene.

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