Boiler making for live steam model locos, Part 6

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Building a live steam model coal fired boiler for ‘Russell’ that run on the Welsh Highland Railway. For my garden Railway.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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housedadtrains says:

hi nice work. May i ask where you got that type of gauge glass with the blowdown from.As mine has a broken blowdown tap i would like to replace. thanks great work there.

david lahey says:

Coal in the top of furnace, shaker grate at the bottom to break up clinkers and ash to fall out bottom. No need to scoop out ash, just drop it on the ground.

David Taylor says:

Good info about the gauge glass! Also interesting to see the boiler is dry backed. I've enjoyed watching your videos. I plan to make a G1 loco when the my 5" gauge project is finished and I don't think I'll bother with a gauge glass at all because I don't like how they fill the cab. But it will be meths or gas fired so the temps shouldn't be hot enough to melt the silver solder even if it runs dry. An electronic water level sensor and electric pump would be a nice way to keep the level without the bother of an axle pump.

Frank Ruffolo says:

Lovely work you do. Thanks for sharing.

Donald Sayers says:

You can never have too many take-offs from the boiler. Even when you think you have enough, you decide you need an anti vacuum valve, or a whistle or something.

Dr. Ashish Jaiswal says:

Sir where is the first part

flippop101 says:

This really is a valuable film. For example My gauge glass gave me a false reading leading to my running the boiler dry. By the way, your films are superb, and your workmanship astonishing. Best regards from Germany.

John Raffe says:

Hi Jonathan… you mention that you have used a "modified" Roundhouse regulator… I'm planning to do the same (shorten it) on a build I'm doing. How did you modify ? Shorten and use an internal or external thread ? Or some other tricky solution ? Thanks…. John

MrJoeWoolley says:

Please will you go into how you made the safety valve in more detail, it's the most realistic and aesthetically pleasing I've seen to date.

Gandy Dancer Productions says:

When I finish the loco I'd show it fired up. Firing and running it will be a learning curve for me and I try and share that too.

luc snippe says:

can you make a fire up video and how to fire it correctly?

Gandy Dancer Productions says:

I have an intension of doing that in the not too distant future. So keep an eye on my channel.

Jack Harty says:

Could you do a video of blanche running on steam ?

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