Welcome to N Gauge – part 1

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Welcome to N gauge model railways, an introduction for beginners!

This series is all about getting started in the wonderful world of N Gauge model trains. Collecting locomotives, buying a train set, and getting started on your 1st layout, there are so many possibilities. Enjoy!

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KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Joy of Sim says:

Thanks Simon for this video, this is the first one I watched after taking the plunge on my first Train Set, I wanted a smaller set due to room constraints and upon walking in to a model shop and talking to a very knowledgeable shop owner / enthusiast, I learnt about N Guage which is ideal for me and my needs, I always wanted a train set, but 00 guage just seemed too large and it kept putting me off, so was amazed to learn about N Guage, so as of today, I start my N Guage life, set purchased was The Night Mail" Train Set as I prefer the 82-94 era and everything in the set to start me off, looking so forward to learning more and watching more videos.

Ian Maude says:

Indeed, I am still looking forward to part 2 :). I adjust starting to think about my railway which won't start until next year.  I am currently enjoying building some Metcalfe and Scalescenes kits and learning loads from YouTube.  Oe question I have is about running in a DCC compatible loco.  Does it have to be done using DC and is it safe todo so if a decoder is installed etc.  Part 2 please 🙂

CSX EMD Train Lover says:

Awesome train video

Admiralhall2000 says:

Do you know if anyone makes N gauge military WW2 German trains?

Barry's Continental Railways says:

great very helpful Simon

Melvyn Cox says:

Very helpful Simon!After many years,l shall buy a train set,even though l have some locks and rolling stock.Easiest way to get up to date!😎👍

Hodorog says:

There are many components to diy railroad layouts. One resource I discovered that successfully combines these is the Jareks hobby club (google it if you're interested) definately the most incredible blueprint that I have ever heard of. look at the great information .

haltonexchange1 says:

Hi Simon I am convinced about N gauge after seeing your vids.. Just wondering ? Its quite a big list you have regards video footage ! .. do have a website or some way of indexing your list …. trying to find it in the right order and not sure if where things cross over … All are brilliant very interesting.. Runcorn model railways.. no known project as yet facebook that is.. I do websites and multi media if I can be of assistance shout !!…

Stephen Purchase says:

Thanks Simon for yet another interesting and informative video. I have decided to go with N Gauge mainly due to the space I have available…approx. 9ft x 5ft. Even so I should be able to build an interesting layout based on the advice from both yourself and Everard Junction; who sadly uses OO gauge (boo hiss)  🙂 I have seen most of your videos by now and feel I have to make a positive comment and again to say "Thank you." Finally, keep up the good work

Brian Pantoja says:

Um question are their any model train company that have n gauge model trains that do not contain lead because I don't wanna endanger my pets or family to lead.

TheClayRailways says:

what did u use to make your track plan?

Kole Soden says:

when is part 2 coming

the Apple says:

Really helpful introduction Simon, thank you !!

joshua harrison says:

This may sound dumb but how do you create the hills on your layouts

MrMal1956 says:

Sorry but not N gauge related but is the background music Django Rienhardt and Stephane Grapelli ?…..M

Stephen Stewart says:

Hmmmmm watched your videos and I honestly didn't realise yours was N I've just started modelling again and I've stuck with OO ……and now I'm aware of the different scales/gauges it's hard to choose….might look into N now tho 👌

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