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Close – Seasoned model railroader Mike Confalone demonstrates how he did his St. Regis paper mill scene on his Allagash Railway model railroad layout. In part 1, Mike shows how he made the backdrop and prepared the rest of the scene for the parking lot, access road, grade crossings, and wood chip pile. See a preview of Mike’s new DVD here:

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Wayne Bhase says:

One problem with what you said, "We know paper mills are gigantic industries". Not necessarily true. Depends on the paper mill. I am a member of Yahoo paper mill modelers, they have provided me with quite a few prototypes that are actually quite small. Your 2.5 by 6 foot area might be a condensation of about 1/4 the actual size, in Ho scale if you are building something 1/4 of its actual size, you are doing great. Most people model mainline railroads and represent hundreds of miles with MAYBE 3 or even 10 actual miles of track. Pretty unbelievable. You can go my route, the smaller, the better. More detail, more realistic if you pic a few medium and small sized industries like I have, the largest is 21" across the backdrop, the beauty of it is it is in my imagination, about 20" at its deepest point and because my building is not the same depth all along the backdrop, I have over 21000 square feet of warehouse. There is a warehouse in Batvia New York that is about 22,000 and was featured in a model railroad magazine. A modern warehouse about the size of my own, but I don't have to show the entire building because the angle I set it at, hides its depth, your imagination is the only limit. And it's very realistic. Then I have the typical 4X8 layout buildings that are also prototypical, like the feed mill featured in Model railroader in New York, I believe the feed mill is RJ Crowley and Sons, something like that. My building is actually bigger than the prototype, but with the same architecture. I model Michigan because I'm sick and tired of desert and western layouts, I have already done that, boring. Your quarry isn't nearly as large as one that is in the next town from where I live, does that make it unrealistic? Well, are all quarrys the same? No. I know of a tiny one a bit farther from me that is now closed down. When I hear someone say "that isn't prototype", unless they are speaking of using hot wheels cars, hot wheels track and making the locomotive do a loop de loop, then I would probably be able to debunk your myth of "unprototypical". I have been doing this for years, enjoying showing those unbelievers that there is quite a bit of prototype operations that are not typical of most railroads, quite the contrary. Sorry to seem so disagreeable, but since I'm a nut and bolt counter to the point of fanatic, and I do custom work for many years, I guess I like to shake things up a bit.

Trainz1992 says:

Are these still available?

Michael Lombertino says:

mike I love your modeling I think its the most realistic model rr  I ever seen im currently building my rr  my question is do you use any roadbed material like cork  or do you put right on the wood

CHESAPEAKE & OHIO JUNCTION says: the paper mill..thanks for sharing

Lev Chernyshev says:

Where does Mike get most of his locos from? Are they scratch built or bought from Athearn or Lionel? Great stuff m8, I want to achieve similar levels of detail and perfection as on this beauty.

UP Trains 4014 says:

I ordered this whole series to download some time ago and it is a fantastic series.

Kitplane Enthusiast says:

Great job!!

CIAfreak says:

You can't scale down that stench. And would you want that in your train room anyway? It'd be like buffalo chicken and jalapeno night at the local bar.

Norman Wolf says:

Looks good! I definitely want to see a preview of the DVD…

Stinky Crayons says:

6:16 haha – that guy and modeling ya right.

Jonathan Hatfield says:

You know I was just kidding right Mike? I have been a fan of your work ever since I saw that 12×1 shelf section that you built. I really like your results. Looking forward to the DVD!

Dick Donaway says:

Great looking pulp mill. I used to work in pulp mills from a company that repaird the lime kiln. Two questions in jest. Where in the kiln and where is the STINK?

Good job.


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