German WWII HO Model Train Layout Deutsche Reichsbahn Modellanlage

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WWW.REYNAULDS.COM PRESENTS yet another great European model train layout video. The modellers created a HO WWII layout. His theme was occupied Holland. Thanks for watching and enjoy! Please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. is your source for all your European Model Railroad trains and accessories

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Marcus Katich says:

Räder müssen rollen für den Sieg!

"Wheels must roll for victory!"


Peter Bos says:

IT is actually a Dutch lay-out. The town of Gennep is depicted here in what is probably May or June 1940 with the Nazi forces just busy implementing the occupation.

Schmierlapp says:

The gray engine at 1:41 (a class 42.90) was built after the war.

Obergruppenführer Chell says:

It was a busy day on the island of Sodor.

punkrockpub says:

COOL VIDEO!!! Where did you get the RED CROSS / HOSPITAL Cars at???

Jolanda Tange says:

what is the ns 3737 doing on this layout?

Willysmb44 says:

Very good model work!

Ceco556 says:

Unfortunately the layout reminds me of the atrocities of German occupation.

Stuart Folick says:

Creepy concept, German WWII trains.

Michael Desmadril says:


I'm starting with modeltrains and I would like to focus on German WO2 period. 
However, I find it very hard to find any models for this. Could you suggest me some websites or locations where to purchase decent WO2 – materials/Trains/etc…

Dave NGauge says:

Great Layout! It would be good to see a Royal Air Force Spitfire tearing up that German Tank Train!!

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