Hornby Model Railway (Video No 3)

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Hello Again, as you can see the project is moving forward and the now have the basis of a reasonable Model Railway, I have added a 3rd radius curve and some extra straight track to the existing track I had and there is still some further track to purchase. One of the important features of the layout for me was to have sufficient straight track lengths so as to allow the trains to run in a straight line without any of the carriages still negotiating the bend.
Even on this baseboard which is 10 foot long 2 foot at each and is taken by the radius of the curve and I wanted to have a continuous run rather than an end to end layout, so I have managed to squeeze 6 x 6 foot straight lengths which gives a reasonable effect.

What you see in this video has now been dismantled and put back in storage and was only laid down for a few hours, just so I could see how things where developing so far, if you saw my previous video’s you may also notice the addition of my new schools class which although running sadly had a fault on the locomotive on removal from the box that could not be fixed and it has been returned to Hornby for repair. However I now have quite a nice collection of Steam Locomotives and Carriages. Something I would say to anyone starting out at building a model railway is that;- The hobby is very much a collecting hobby and what you see has taken me some years to collect, buying bits and pieces here and there, so it is not an overnight event, there have been times when I thought I would never get this project truly off the ground and I seemed to just be collecting, but after many years things are finally starting to tack shape.

I also intend to add a 4th rail to the near side of the layout creating a 4 rail through station which will involve spacing the tracks to allow for the platform. I will also add some sidings to the middle of the layout with Engine sheds etc. Sadly the Airfix kits are unlikely to stay relevant to the layout as a whole at the point as every inch of the 10 foot by 4 foot baseboard will be taken up by Railway activities, so I can see the development of a separate air field in the making.

I am still using a small compact Camera (The excellent Panasonic Lumix TZ9, same as a TZ10 without the GPS function) to shoot these videos and whilst the results are generally pleasing HD, it does have its limitations regarding editing, combined with my unsteady hand movements at times compromising the overall quality of the videos, but I am hoping to develop the filming in time.

The Engine Shed, cottages and Church you see were built by my teenage daughter using Metcalfe Card Kits which give very pleasing results. There are also some Oxford Diecast vehicles adding to the overall enhancement of the layout. I am trying to focus on the period between 1930 to 1960 which gives me quite a broad canvas to work with although I do not intend to be constrained be exact period accuracy, I will just buy and add what appeals to me. It is clear that there is years of work ahead for me regarding painting and scenery etc. but I hope to share the development of the layout on youtube.
I look forward to posting some more model videos soon.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Yorkshire lad Mg says:

what wood did you use

tuberesu says:

Why ruin it with that b****y awful noise???

Trains & Planes says:

Are all those curves 3rd radius?

Taynuilt Model Railway says:

Great I subscribed this is amazing xD

Mk2Benjamin586 says:

Thank you ourmanroy

ourmanroy says:

Hi 32Benjy32, I am DC, I put the smooth running down to the 5 pole motors, I ordered the new e-link and railmaster just yesterday, so I hope to be digital soon, I also have to buy the chips to go in the engines, it will be some time before I get it all up and running on DCC.
Best Regards, ourmanroy

ourmanroy says:

No, I don't belive it is it has not been out of the box again since 2011 when I made the video, so I can't fully be sure, but I think the motor might be in the engine, you've got me thinking now…!
Best Regards, ourmanroy

Mk2Benjamin586 says:

Is your class a3 flying Scotsman tender driven?

Paul Emery says:

Good layout Roy.Im like you.I like to see tha carriages on the home straights. My 125 would look great on that back straight. Looks good. Cant wait to see the 4th radius. Keep up yhe good work.

spools says:

good work keep it up

Ashley Ward says:

Nice layout mate and loving the loco's even the flying scotsman 🙂

ourmanroy says:

Hi Good Buddy, No I only have 3rd Radius curves, My layout is 4 foot wide and 10 foot Long and for the forth Radius curves you will need a width over 1144mm, because that is the distance of the track centre to centre, download the Hornby Track Geometry guide for working out the space you need. Best Regards Ourmanroy

ManCupboardModels says:

Hi. Have you got 4th radius curves on here? Will soon be starting a 7×4 layout and was wondering if 4th radius will be ok for 4ft width. Thanks 🙂

Ashley Ward says:

Good layout and very nice trains 🙂

ourmanroy says:

@scotrail1 Hello, My table is 10 foot by 4 foot, and yes it is just a nice size because it is long enough the I can see the trains in a straight line, if you have a shorter layout you sometimes find there is always a carriage or two still on the curved track section, and you never see you trains running in a straight line. This a very simple approach with 3 controllers, but having 3 trains running at once is kind of fun and a bit more action to watch. Glad you like it, best regards ourmanroy

Charlie McGowan says:

I like this layout – simple with main line running in a small place.What size is it? My wife afforded me a room 9×10.Something like this could work well.
Well done

ourmanroy says:

Thanks for the information I will check out he video editing program. I looked at some of your train videos and they are very nice clear images and nicely edited too. Nice work.

janiceandcliff says:

Thanks for filming your trains. I too like to collect trains and make short YouTube videos. I happen to use a Kodak camera but was also struggling with editing.
My daughter helped me to locate "Videopad" editor, free for about 2 weeks then if you like the program you can buy it.

ourmanroy says:

Yes your right the TZ9 is a great camera, This is my second Panasonic camera and both of them have been fantastic, but I wish I know how to edit the movies, I am not totally smitten with the Photostudio5.0 I don’t find some of its functions user friend but it loads into youtube easy enough.

SpuriousEmission says:

The picture quality of the TZ9 never fails to amaze me. I have one myself and have a few videos uploaded to my channel using it 😉

Rikki Starrett says:

Plenty of action – I love it.

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