Wordsworth Model Railway 86 – ESU ECoS 50200 Command Station.

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In this second video I take the newly fitted Hornby Class N2 & place it on the programming track ready for DCC address configuration.

This is done using my ESU ECoS 50200 Command Station. This is one great piece of kit which I have taken too like a duck to water.

I run through the basic settings so the new locomotive is added into the command stations loco register & the decoder is programmed with a new address.

Then we get to see the loco move away from North Fangore Station on her maiden trip.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Nigel Carter says:

I have ECoS and love it.

Paul L says:

Very Clearly spoken, well explained & helpful Thank you….

Allan Alexander says:

Ops to fast in sending
Hi Wordsworth
Are you still using the ECoS system ? If yes can you assist with the ECoS Boost and the ECoS Dectector installation please.

Allan Alexander says:

Hi Wordsworth
Are you still using the ECoS system ? If rescan yu assists with the ECoS Boost and the ECoS Dectector installation please.

Mike Raw says:

You have done a great selling job on this system, you have convinced me

paul surfield says:

Many thanks Wordsworth have a great weekend

paul surfield says:

Hi i got a question if I get the ecos Dcc controller can I still use a Bachman decoder sorry if this is silly but it just starting out and can any decoder work on it

Nigel Carter says:

Brilliant that described it to me


hi what's the app called on Android cheers paul

katiedave1098 says:

Hi Mike thanks for the info I've tried with my Hornby elite but to no avail. I'm off to buy an ecos thanks for taking the time to reply

katiedave1098 says:

hi mike could you tell me if the ecos system will detect an address on programing track as i have 4 locos that i have not used for a while and i have forgot the address,s

Nigel Carter says:

Found the video very informative as I have the ecosystem and am very slow on the uptake due to a stroke my memory is terrible.

Therefore, your video is brilliant. I can't read through all the instructions for the ECoS and I found that watching the video was easier.

Would you mind, if I have problems getting back to you.



Andy Hudson says:

good video, just ordered mine, so will watch again before it arrives will be a useful start Andy

Tase says:

Nice video. How does one access functions higher than the the ones listed on the 50200? I think the functions go up to 18 on the Ecos but one of my locos had 28 functions and I don't know how to access them!

Marine Raptor says:

neat video. i have the dynamis and probox system as well ad i like it. i thinking about getting this command station it has a lot of neat features like you can make your layout on there for switches and stuff. question have you ever try hooking up to your dynamis system see if it compatible? 

David Howarth says:

Just bought one of these Mike , this should be useful ..Thanks Dave 

crazykong1967 says:

Nice unit, but at $800.00 U.S. ouch. I guess this is a richmans hobby.

9Scaler says:

I love the Ecos! This is by far the best DCC controller I have owned and I have owned pretty muck all of the major ones at one point or another :). Now I gotta figure out how to program the DS 64 with ecos to control my double crossover track.

Wordsworth Model Railway says:

I hope you find this controller as good as I do. I've had mine a while now & love it, OK they are not cheap but it does just what I want it too do plus more. Cheers Mike.

9Scaler says:

Excellent video! I just received my ecos 2 via mail today 🙂

hightech1001 says:

Great videos re ECos. had mine about a week and have learned more from these videos than the manual. still cannot get the ecos to communicate via direct connection to pc. only through direct connection to router ???.

percomotion says:

Hi Mike got my controller today mate just watched your video and seems a very good system,I'm not the best at technology but will get used to it when I get it set up hopefully by the summer got a lot of building work to do first and put bus wires round the layout which I'm not looking forward to do has my wiring skills are quite poor. I've also got to wire up a double track return loop not much info out there about it so that will be my first problem to do.
Any all the best Kev.

anthony566 says:

Nice demo, im looking into getting this controller as i also have the Dynamis Pro but like the interface and easy programing control of this system.

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