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Balitmore & Ohio coal drag coming though town. Lead engine-Precision Scale EM-1 #7600,Pusher engine Overland Models Inc. EL-5a #7153, Hoppers Tichy Train Group kits.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Jack Salvin says:

This is about Baltimore and Ohio Steam Engines operates in the 40's and 50's.

Frank Kopke says:

Gotta feel sorry for the folk caught at the RR crossing when this very slow, very long train crawls by…

JMcolts95 says:

what make is that W&LE 2-8-2? and what sound decoder is in it? Love the bell!

Mark 'BhigDaddyMark' Ferguson says:

Stunning layout and superb detail!!! I LOVE those buildings, are they kits? And if so, what kits are they or did you scratch build them? How big is your layout? Terrific job indeed and most of all, very inspiring to me as my layout is in the planning stages. Thank you so much for sharing.

Danny Soldano says:


planeshavings42 says:

This model railroad I love, it is to be compared with George Sellios, Thank you for sharing this fine video.

NgaiOlaudah says:

Yeah, this is a gorgeous layout, Ferg! Extremely well done and beautifully weathered at this scale. A wonder… great American craftsmanship… Thanks! BTW: I never tire of looking at it and drooling over my key board as I look at this…NO! I grew up around the B&O, C&O, WM & the great PRR! Yayeah!

dferg100 says:

@GetWaz wow thanks a lot

CIAfreak says:

Looks like Cumberland MD circa 1930 pretty much.

trackspike64 says:


gaza2421 says:

I'm modeling the same period- it's motivating to see such a well done layout of that era. You may want to check out Juneco (canadian mfgr) They make great early 20th century rolling stock kits in wood.

NgaiOlaudah says:

stunning and gorgeous model workmanship! could be reading PA or Cumberland MD in the 20's & 30's!!!!!!!!!!! just beautiful…thanks!

K4JW says:

very nice layout! I should hope to have one like that someday! Who makes ur EM1 and EL2?

dferg100 says:

@cod4daworld dull coat with a drop of floquil paint, I dont like powers

dferg100 says:

@rokenbok54 No, but thanks

dferg100 says:

@SuperDeRailed thanks for the comments, I just weather everything with a airbrush

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