SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast & Easy

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Learn how to build a model railroad layout in five easy steps with the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System.

Items Mentioned in This Video:

Risers (ST1406-ST1409, ST1414)
Foam Nails (ST1432)
Inclines / Declines (ST1410-ST1413, ST1415, ST1416)
Profile Boards (ST1419)
Foam Sheets (ST1422-ST1427)
Plaster Cloth (C1203, C1191-C1193)
Track Bed (ST1474-ST1476)
Lightweight Hydrocal (C1201)
Foam Pencils (ST1431)
Hot Wire Foam Cutter (ST1435)
Foam Cutter Bow & Guide (ST1437)
Foam Knife (ST1433)
Low Temp Foam Glue Gun (ST1445)
Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks (ST1446)
Foam Tack Glue (ST1444)
Smooth-It (ST1452)
Foam Putty (ST1447)
Flex Paste (ST1205)
Paving Tape (ST1455)
Top Coat (ST1453, ST1454)
Tunnel Portals (C1152-C1157, C1252-C1257)
Retaining Walls (C1158-C1161, C1258-C1261)
Earth Colors Liquid Pigment (C1216-C1223)
Rock Molds (C1230-C1241)
Earth Undercoat (C1228, C1229)
Ballast (B70-B94, B1372-B1395)
Scenic Cement (S191)
Talus (C1270-C1285)
Fine Turf (T41-T46, T1341-T1346)
Coarse Turf (T60-T65, T1361-T1356)
Clump Foliage (FC181-FC186, FC682-FC684)
Hob-E-Tac (S195)
Scenic Glue (S190)
Field Grass (FG171-FG174)
Realistic Tree Kit (TR1101-TR1106, TR1111-TR1113)
Ready Made Trees (TR1570-TR1588)
SubTerrain: Building a Layout Fast and Easy DVD (ST1400)
The Scenery Manual (C1207)
The Clinic (R970)
The Subterrain Manual (ST1402)

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Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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TonesTheGeek says:

This is awesome, would it work with Lionel fast track?

Robert Lewis says:


Kanaka Ken says:

M8 the fun part is taking your time

Buzzy Mees says:

lol its an amazing system but all this stuff cost more than using power tools tho

Making Miniatures with Max says:

Just adding on and what I've to clarify: The ModPodge was there for extra support for the track, so when I was tacking it down it so wasn't moving about especially with track pins in place, And so it fits in perminatly… But then I accidentally got a little bit into the Rail Jointer, which is questionable now if the train will run. plus apologies for the second comment..

Making Miniatures with Max says:

Beautiful work guy's! and I have a 4×8 Kit as well that I bought quite a while ago that I've completed… but am starting to re-install track of my choosing. (the layout previously had had Bachmann track) and needs road bed modification (I can do that with your advice from this video) I just need some more advanced modeling advice, I am working with really uncommon track that's (HO/OO) that was produced in Britain during the 1960's (albeit I am an American) I was working with ModPodge, then tacking it tin with modern Hornby "Railroad" Track pins that have been pushed in, and I accidentally got some into inside of the "Rail Jointer's" or "Fish Plates" however I really don't want to take the track up, I spent 45 minutes to an hour doing that.And was proud but annoyed. I was working a little bit of track (3 sections to get a feel) with one of the tunnels on the lowest gradient, is there a way to remove the substance… but preserve the Scenic Cement and ModPodge underneath the track? would silver solder work… or something else? I am working with Tri-ang Hornby Super 4 Steel track (Just think better built and more uncommon Bachmann steel track,), and don't want to rip off in a funny way, It's kinda hard to get more especially off eBay.. Thanks for the Help if possible! And the reason why I am adding Super 4 is so I can run even some of the oldest HO DC powered loco's built in Britain

Gerrit says:

Woodland Scenics, it seems like you have products for everything, so why arent you marketing us a newspaper equvialent to put under the plaster cloth

Making Miniatures with Max says:

Cool! I actually have a 4×8 layout kit by you! I modified it to best suite Bachmann Ez track, however it needs to be badly updated. with your mountain valley kit ;:)

Connor O'Brien says:

At 1:30 were risers included under the track?

Donald Moore says:

Awesome video

miguel bernal molina says:

exelente y muy practico y rapido

Soledad McLain says:

Will this work with Hornby track or Atlas brand track

Dean Lambert says:

I really enjoyed your video you taught me stuff I did not know how to do them before thanks.

Iv Re says:

how much did it cost to build the layout?

grudainc says:

Is the whole system available is one package?

William Spears says:

im using an open grid bench work (Sievers modular benchwork) do i need a plywood base under my woodland scenics to support my N scale trackwork scenery etc

Dave Hollamon says:

Very informative video!! love the music!! really am interested in using you're products now!

Art Maines says:

Hi! I've been trying to find a video about wiring a layout that uses Woodland Scenics products, especially the risers. I want to use a wiring bus and suitcase connectors for power distribution under the layout base. I wonder if you or others have come up with smart ideas for handling the wires from the rail joiners to the underside of the layout. Any recommendations?

Rob Hayes says:

I love this video its very well made and relaxing. The music is wonderful what is it please ? Puts me in a good mood and I would like to listen to it on its own.
Cheers 🙂


My question is what if your using a track system with built in roadbed, like Bachmann's E-Z track.

NManz23 MBTA/CSX Railfanning says:

if i use bachmann ez track, do i use trackbed, or what do i use?

Jansle Farias says:

fantastico seu trabalho muito bonito, muito realistico

KnightTrain 1957 says:

At the 18:20 mark you mention that Woodlandscenics tunnel portals come in HO and N scale. I am going to work in O. Am I wasting my time watching these videos or are there a series of products for O ?

Air Bricks Aviation says:

What do you recommend for the elevation % so your locomotives aren 't 'dying'?

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