SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast & Easy

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Learn how to build a model railroad layout in five easy steps with the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System.

Items Mentioned in This Video:

Risers (ST1406-ST1409, ST1414)
Foam Nails (ST1432)
Inclines / Declines (ST1410-ST1413, ST1415, ST1416)
Profile Boards (ST1419)
Foam Sheets (ST1422-ST1427)
Plaster Cloth (C1203, C1191-C1193)
Track Bed (ST1474-ST1476)
Lightweight Hydrocal (C1201)
Foam Pencils (ST1431)
Hot Wire Foam Cutter (ST1435)
Foam Cutter Bow & Guide (ST1437)
Foam Knife (ST1433)
Low Temp Foam Glue Gun (ST1445)
Low Temp Foam Glue Sticks (ST1446)
Foam Tack Glue (ST1444)
Smooth-It (ST1452)
Foam Putty (ST1447)
Flex Paste (ST1205)
Paving Tape (ST1455)
Top Coat (ST1453, ST1454)
Tunnel Portals (C1152-C1157, C1252-C1257)
Retaining Walls (C1158-C1161, C1258-C1261)
Earth Colors Liquid Pigment (C1216-C1223)
Rock Molds (C1230-C1241)
Earth Undercoat (C1228, C1229)
Ballast (B70-B94, B1372-B1395)
Scenic Cement (S191)
Talus (C1270-C1285)
Fine Turf (T41-T46, T1341-T1346)
Coarse Turf (T60-T65, T1361-T1356)
Clump Foliage (FC181-FC186, FC682-FC684)
Hob-E-Tac (S195)
Scenic Glue (S190)
Field Grass (FG171-FG174)
Realistic Tree Kit (TR1101-TR1106, TR1111-TR1113)
Ready Made Trees (TR1570-TR1588)
SubTerrain: Building a Layout Fast and Easy DVD (ST1400)
The Scenery Manual (C1207)
The Clinic (R970)
The Subterrain Manual (ST1402)

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