Metcalfe Brewery card kit, n gauge model railway kit review

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Metcalf card kits for model railways

Here’s a review of the Metcalfe Brewery kit. I found it easy to make the buildings and you can arrange them in a number of configurations. Watch the video to see it come together in a stop frame animation…took me ages to do!.

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Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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Norman Rowe says:

Stop motion! Awesome! Nice work.

Dave Wells says:

Recently bought an OO version of this. Have never made a card kit before and was wondering what glue did you use or what you would recommend.

johnnie powell says:

I love putting these excellent kits together and find them very easy to do . Metcalfe are very generous with extra bits like doors and windows . Next best thing to good scratch building in much less time .

Paul D says:

Possibly the most informative video I've seen on building the Metcalfe kits, I wasn't too sure if I was going to buy any, but having seen this I most definitely will. Thanks Simon, the extra time spent on doing the stop animation is appreciated

Philip McCray says:

I'm getting ready to buy one of these and the stop animation was super helpful! I've never done a kit before, so it was very useful! Thanks for another great video!

Peter Harman says:

Great photography benny hill would be very proud I have the oo version really good thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

Stewart D says:

Nice work Simon, I am after one of these kits as I believe the Brewery has just been discontinued.
If you shade the white stripes on the corners with color pencils they will disappear. If you have no colors even
a soft led pencil will work you would be surprised at the difference it makes.ย 

Simon Williams says:

Loved the disappearing bar of chocolate

The208cvs says:

Like the video from Peter Gabriel's sledgehammer

Simons Shed says:

At the moment I can't check (on hols in France!) I can only say that I picked it from the list of sounds in the latest version of iMovie, I'll try and find the name of the track when I get back if that helps.

Kevin Coombs says:

Hi! Really nice kit! BTW, can you tell me who is performing the music on this??!! As a musician, I'd love to find this recording!

Steve Burgess says:

Great kit I have in oo

Simons Shed says:

Thanks. Ha ha yes, I'd be prepared to pay a bit more for a self assembling kit!

Dave Godsmark says:

Love the vid. Wish I could get my kits to build themselves like that!!

Simons Shed says:

thanks, after trying 50 different combinations I think I've finally figured out how to arrange the brewery buildings to look their best and so stuff could be dropped off/picked up via rail / road!

David Howarth says:

nice kit I have it in 00

Maiden Abbas says:

Nice vid. Brewery looks great too big for my layout at the moment think the metcalfe kit are great for the money and good fun to build.

Simons Shed says:

Thanks, looks like the animations are popular, I'll have to find a way to incorporate them in my other videos!

foxcell says:

fantastic ๐Ÿ˜€ I do love stop motion time laps

Simons Shed says:

Thanks, it is fun doing the stop frame animations but they dont half take a long time!

Simons Shed says:

Thanks, just needs some beer barrels and a delivery truck to go with the brewery theme now.

Simons Shed says:

Yep, like it, just need to figure out the best way to arrange the buildings.

TheDiomedef16 says:

Nice review Simon, Metcalfe kits are easy to build and really look the part, I have built lots of them and have yet to be disappointed.

TINSLEYtraction says:

its a great kit,i wish i had space for this on my layout,it will look great on yours.

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