Model Railway Reviews: Metcalfe House Fronts Low Relief Review

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This card kit from Metcalfe is excellent. It’s really easy to make: all you need are some scissors and PVA glue and the end result is very realistic. They are customisable to have bay windows, different doors, open windows, pavement and dormer windows or none of these.

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jinhi9005 says:

There are a few factors in building a railroad layout. One place I discovered which successfully combines these is the Jareks hobby club (check it out on google) it's the most incredible blueprint that I've seen. Check out all the interesting information .

Richard Lee says:

One of the things that you can do is to cut curtain shapes out of coloured paper and stick them on the inside of the windows. I find that you are more likely to notice curtains at the windows than furniture (or its lack). I think that Superquick provide ready-cut opened curtains for some of their buildings. However, it is easy enough to cut opened curtain shapes out of, for example, an old catalogue or magazine, yourself.

Curiosity says:

Can I ask what it means by "Low Relief" on these models? Great video by the way…

drop the dead donkey says:

nice kit, I think you missed a few window sills off but still a neat job, thanks for showing

Redblade says:

You should get your fingernails cut short; they look like girls' hands!

jeffiow says:

Put the chimney pots on.

The Model Railway Channel says:

Great review

Dan Lawrie says:

These are a great kit and one I will be adding to my layout, very good for a backdrop to a long straight run and as you said great that you can vary the designs. Cheers, Dan

slendersausage says:

are these etched oe smoothe

Dunncropper Junction says:

Metcalfe is better than superquick by far, "don't sell matcalfe in US?" just go on their website or amazon etc!

Ken Bird says:

Nicely detailed for card models. Too bad these are not sold in the US. I have some old Superquick kits I bought in the 1980s. and they are still holding up well.

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