Getting Started with Train Sets & Model Railways

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A video showing you how you can get started with your first train set: how to buy one, set it up and maintain it!
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Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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Mr wooden railway reviews says:

My first set was the WESTERN freight HAULER!

Wade Soltys says:

Sam where r you in the world? Pls

ZenerSmytok says:

Wow, that was great to watch. You might have lit a little fire in me there. Thanks again.

Ryan Black says:

Where can I buy a tornado? On hornbys website? Or should I check just like eBay

efdocedoka says:

i am just a kid and i already love it and 1 question how much did it all cost you?

BrickBoyStudios 7 says:

my first hornby train was the country flyer

Jack Hall says:

I heard roblox the plaza music when he went on the computer

JintySteam says:

how do you make your crane move back and forth?

ItzDecster says:

I got my first train set which was an American freight train set when I was 6-7 years old(I forgot the name sadly and my friend completely destroyed the diesel loco 🙁 .) then when I was 12 I got the GWR passenger freight, then a year later my dad bought found a prebuilt layout on Facebook at bought it for me which still requires cleaning, then this Christmas, I opened a Bachmann 3000 class RoD in BR black early emblem and, a BR mk1 coach corridor composite Crimson and cream weathered and, after that I opened the flying Scotsman train set by Hornby which allowed me to make 2 loops of track, using the track I got from the GWR passenger freight set, sorry for the long comment 🙂

Michelle Gosser says:

No way do you have the mallard or how about or The Flying Scotsman? Or how about Belle?

Mark Moreiras says:

My first set was an o gauge lionel Pennsylvania flyer. I basically use it on Christmas because I don't have much track.

Hornby Jack says:

My first set was that little blue train 🚂

That Guy Gaming says:

What scale is that track? Is it n-scale or what

Malverne Productions says:

What about Lionel? Are they as good as hornby?

Trista Huang says:

Thank you for all these amazing videos you have made! They are really really useful!! I have recently been given a Hornby LNER Flying Scotsman Class A3 as a Xmas present and I can't wait to see it running one day soon!!!

JesiahProductions says:


Chris Wachs says:

Sam you forgot about the box phome cast and wire bits to hold together and mat to protect it Frome the carpet 😆

Algodude87 says:

you could turn the track mat over, too

Dave says:

Thomas creeps me out…

Dave says:

Buy a cheap train set. You'll either get the sickness or you won't… Immediately. If your back in the train shop the next day your screwed… I mean hooked.

Campervan Elvis I toof on you says:

Ebay, full of scamming seller's

Barry 1956 says:

My first train set was way back in 1962. I was 6 years old. Looking up on the internet I think it was an RS4. Always remember waking up on Christmas morning and finding it set up on the living room table. Happy days! Still have the loco, although all the decals have faded, and some of the track, which was so much ticker then. It ran on batteries. I later got a Triang transformer and I remember adding to it with a flying helicopter.

GameOfEnder says:

Sam, have you done a servicing guide for the Harry Potter train? if not could you show me how to? Complete newbie here thanks. 🙂

sombat thongkhao says:

I cant find any hornby train sets in norway. Have you some
others train sets that is not hornby.

vincenzomonaco says:

My first train set was the Thomas the tank engine basic set

Doom Guy says:

I was told that british OO models run on the same type of track as american HO trains. Are they cross compatible or do american power grids fry british engines? My grandfather left me a boatload of HO guage track, locos and rolling stock but id like to get into british engines as ive always had a fodness for them (I blame Thomas for that :p)

thomasfan 2008 says:

This video helped me so much since I'm in the US all I had to do was really translate Hornby to Bachman

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