HO Model Trains with Real Sound

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HO model Union Pacific freight trains and Amtrak passenger trains with audio from real trains. All audio dubbed from actual recordings of EMD SD70M-2, SD70M, GP40-2, and GE P42DC locomotives. Recorded at the Central Florida Railroad Modelers Club in Orlando Florida.
To hear what the model trains really sound like with Tsunami sound decoders, click the link below:

00:00 Mixed freight led by UP DD40X and GEVO pass an intermodal train led by SP heritage Unit SD70ACE and a UP SD70M
01:11 DD40X mixed freight passes an Amtrak Superliner train. Kato P42DC, Walthers baggage car and superliners. Last Superliner is Kato.
02:08 Amtrak catches up to intermodal train.
02:59 Amtrak works the station. First a baggage car stop and then a passenger stop.
04:40 Intermodal train
05:23 Amtrak train
05:38 Amtrak passes intermodal train
07:06 Amtrak meets DD40X freight
08:10 Intermodal at the s-curve
08:42 Pacing a New York Central passenger train
09:16 New York Central passenger train runby

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Devang Hirawala says:

Nice video I love it

Mindy Bradshaw says:

HO Model Trains with Real Sound

plush bonnie says:

How much did you get the tran for

Dabe montoya3000 says:

Magnifique !! Vraiment très réaliste

Keith Grafton says:

Great railway, great sound, great trains, be very proud!

IsaiahsTrains says:

Great job, cool video!

Calvin thomas says:

Well done! very nicely synchronized.

Playing With Friends says:

i love trains and this is beautifull..good job on synchronizing the sound

Badboy Jackson says:

try to run all the vehicles at a same time….but thenalso…nice job…well done

richard Lees says:

nice job.hall did you get the train sounds like that.

George Ferrer says:

wow! this is my train club. the best part of this club is the members. this is one of the best clubs I found. everybody here makes you feel like you are family. thanks for sharing.

Zap Rowsdower212 says:

awesome!! loving that Amtrak train highballing it

kernan hosea says:

well done how many ft of track do u have. K

TheKwtrucker says:

awesome what are you using for the sounds? and beautiful layout

alexandru popa says:

Very nice. Like. I have a small layout at home, made by myself, HO Scale: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh1Q3V1debpOcmRFn1WtTcBTTg9QQVvGk

CIM RailVideos says:

This is one of the coolest layouts I've ever seen

Eric Lynch, CIO Copywriter says:

That is really nice! Quality work. You even got the Doppler Effect right in the audio as the train got further away. That's beautiful, guys. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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