Awesome HO Scale BN Model Train Layout in HD – 2-21-2009

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Take a look at Tim Dickinson’s wonderful HO Scale Burlington Northern empire as we follow a grain train, with manned helpers, over the mountain and through numerous yards and staging tracks.

While the video shows an overall view of the layout, it’s difficult to get appreciation for the quality level of this railroad without actually seeing it in person.

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Basic Fact says:

hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover best model train layouts try Panlarko Amazing Railroad Planner (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

James W Overdurff says:

How refreshing to see a four engine lash up pulling more than five cars. Would love to see your operation in person .

Tommy Thomason says:

Burlington Northern had an incredible paint scheme. It's too bad that when the railroads combined to make BNSF, that this corporate scheme was not retained.

Paul Thorn says:

How can you not love it!!

jean-pierre PODIK says:

hello every body from North france thanks for beautyfull pictures you have a verrry nice layout.

junglist Shawn says:

stunning! never has the saying "less is more" been true than as it goes for MR.

highlife0586 says:

Wow…first time I've seen this video. I had a small HO scale layout back in the late 50's early 60's but nothing like this one. So cool.

Thomas Gaither says:

this channel has one video and 800 subs. That's crazy!

Ron Tinkham says:

Awesome and inspiring. Thank you very much

The Model Railroad Depot says:

great video!

simon barrett says:


sithlord1626 says:

the F7's are awesome….what brand are they, and i love the flashing crossbucks….ur bridge work is awesome as well

ralpho37 says:

At 1:32 what brand is that signal bridge? Love this layout. Very nice!

Top 10 says:

This is heaven

BEGRS147 says:

Should mention, also, the excellent weathering, more evident on the later videos. And love to see that semaphore moving through its quadrant. Always interesting to see an overall view of a layout, and its underpinnings.

Matthew Curtis says:

great layout, but I had to stop watching half way through, whats with all the short shaky clips? not an enjoyable watch unfortunately 🙁

John Vreeland says:

How long would a project like that take?

motorman1993 says:

Where is the club located at

Akshay Dalvi says:

amazing fellas!! this is just too gooood… always loved trains and model trains… this one made my day … (Y)

MacJorma says:

Engine at 1:43?

toby blake says:

great show and set up; one thing, ha, the engine and cars are too clean, otherwise they would blend perfectly with the dusty environment it is going thru. The layout is quite realistic. Isn't there some kind of model dirt areosal spray? I've always wanted to do this. Right On!

SAEEWD says:

very shaky and to short views, cuts.

Amtrak P098 Productions says:

do u guys want the track plan? cuz i have it

mrk107 says:

my watch moves faster then that train.

jonny32820 says:

Verry Nice layout.

baggerolli1 says:

Incredible wish I had that must space in my basement – love it!

odubbs18 says:

"Don, you're not clearing" "Ya you have to pay attention Don!" FUCKING DON COME ON!

yuriilev says:

Excellent layout and great trains, but Craig, ya should've used a tripod! Every time I'd enjoy a view of a locomotive(s), the camera would jerk away and hop to another spot.

John Smith says:

Very nice layout

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