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KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


myworldyourmusic11 says:

Hi Dave..this was a good demonstration by you on wheel cleaning:with good commentary to boot.Do they have a lifespan limit or an it be used ad infinitum? An interesting clip

john creasey says:

never seen one of these Dave, a late Christmas present is called for

David Howarth says:

Yes they will do as it is a wire based cleaner , only thing is to clean by hand the non traction tyred wheels , and leave the traction tyre wheel

Peter McGlone says:

I have been told they can damage Traction Tyres on Steam Engines….any suggestions/alternatives

David Howarth says:

Amazon have them in stock , both HO and N gauge , just google trix wheel cleaner , plenty have them

Walton Interchange says:

do you know where i could find one dave

John Mellor says:

Great little demo, mine gets a lot of use cleaning the powered (driven) axles, then just the unpowered ones to do by hand. I often rock the loco so it is cleaning just one axle (two wheels) at once to check for pickup continuity.

Bohemianh says:

@howarth004 yes just AC Marklin for me ;o)

Bohemianh says:

do you know if there is a AC 3 rail Marklin one? item number anyone? thanks

Taynuilt Model Railway says:

Well Dave I think one might be sneaking onto my Xmas list.

davros diesel says:

good stuff dave thanks for the very informative vid this will either encourage me to start running my old diesels again or knowing me it will encourage me to buy more diesels off fleebay lol hope all is well cheers

Daikenboy says:

Trix also make it in N scale. BUT, would it not scratch the wheels?

WoelkerVideo says:

Very good wheel cleaner, but if the wheels are partially covered with rubber, you can not use it.

Taynuilt Model Railway says:

i have one and it is amazing but for some reason mu class 58 hates it.

hugh watkin says:

hi dave, i got one of these from durham trains of stanley £22, but i have a prob this does not work with most of my diesels, reason being when i put one set of wheels on it the other set are dangling in mid air so nothings happening , when i place train on the track it moves away because both bogies are on the live rails, my only solution is to buy another to have both bogies on it at once, wouldnt you think this would be the lenth of a diesel to get 2 bogies on , thanks dave…..hugh

John Wood says:

Yep as you say Dave that is a very handy tool to have,i do not have a railway layout anymore,i used to have many years ago.
I would love to have another one,but i do not have the room nowadays,i will never go small my layout was a big one i modelled it on York Station,so i will have to live on my memories………….John

ay76 says:

@howarth004 DCC supplies, not sure what the current price is. Should still be on their website though.

488scooby says:

nice one dave im going to get a couple, might be a problem with some old lima locos with traction tyres though, thanks for showing us.

ay76 says:

@howarth004 Indeedy.

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