When model railways go wrong

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A less than perfect session on Abbotswood Junction

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KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Nickel plate road 765 says:

What scale of train is this?

Police, Fire, And Rails says:

Thats european trains for ya.

Busch Wacker says:

This is what happens when you drink and drive trains…♡

bob hope says:

That was some intense stuff right there, i hope nobody was seriously hurt.

Indrid Cold says:

Someone should lose their job for operating a train with such reckless abandon. If those were tankers, a hazardous material brigade would have had to come out.

sagar kaushik says:

the internet and its mysteries…

Sooty cartoon yes sooty 2011 no 2017 says:

1:18 BBC sad story of henry 1953 reference

ganymedeIV4 says:

Every time I see a model train I want to rig a 110v dewalt AC drill motor to the locomotive and shoot that shit down the track at mach 200 after touching an extension cable to the track.

Jr Varela says:

OMG its Thomas the Dank Engine

Frode Skibrek says:

Why the fuck did I watch this video… I just lost 2:38 of my life !

Hoo Lee Phuck says:

Lovely layout. I have seen on Latlong.net the junction. Your layout could be a historic one when there were more tracks. Good job, please continue…

Tanel Murd says:

dont u folk have like a track cleaner ?

Nexo- Games says:

SPOILER : You wasted 2:38 minutes of your live…!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!

Andrew Baca says:

How did I get here?

George A D. A. says:

I expected an explosion

filthy animal says:

Grown men….tut tut.

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