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It’s taken a long time to get this far but I’m finally building the baseboards for the new layout. They layout will be mostly of the open frame design with only the fiddle yard having a full size top. I learned my lesson from the previous layout and the new baseboards are built to reduce the chance of warping as much as possible. They’re certainly quite a bit stronger than the old ones were.

Enjoy the video…

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Matt Jackson says:

Hi I know you get a very large volume of comments but I was wondering if you would have an issue with me using your construction method to build some model railway boards for a friend who wants to document the construction of his layout on his YouTube channel much like you do.

Greg Palmer says:

Thanks for taking the time to show use your solution to things. Invariably our solutions will be what we know or what we can do ourselves. Another solution for the levelers would be a block of timber in the bottom of each leg with a through hole and a tee nut.

trainmanbob says:

The construction of good baseboards is important and you have certainly done a very good job on yours. Adjustable feet are so important…you would be surprised the difference in floor heights when I take my exhibition layout out, and that's just four 7ft boards!! I look forward to what follows. Cheers, Bob

Shaun Blake says:

Great video, currently planning a layout, and this has really helped with how to construct a baseboard.

Harry Abbott says:

What is a fiddle yard ?

Marshallz79 says:

Purely awesone mate, and you've obviously thought it through quite considerably, well done! Can't wait to see more 😉

Caelus5 says:

These videos are just so inexplicably pleasing

Bob Price says:

Wrekin Heights

What a transformation Richard, really great to see, well done. I will watch with interest as you progress with your new layout. Have you thought about wearing a hat such as a Beanie to protect your head. I have a loft similar to Dave Class 47 and found a hat reduce's the splinter's which my head was'nt too fond of.

CSX 8840 CSX Baltimore sub division says:

the framework looks great thanks for sharing….

Tom Haythornthwaite says:

Will you be asking for an electric screwdriver for Christmas?

Ewan Baillie says:

What happened to the old layout

JohnPW22 says:

Just what I need to do to my attic before my construction begins in earnest! Great job, looking forward to how things progress!

TheDrummerman1951 says:

First of all Hello from Montana USA. What kind of wood did you use?


well impressed !.

TheEnglishTrainSpotter2018 says:

Where are they

Joel Hudson says:

Hello Everard Junction, any updates coming or has work eaten all of your free time? (Waiting slightly less than patiently) 😊

Robert Ward says:

Looking forward to seeing your next video now.

Colin Busby says:

New sub like your video, Everard junction was mentioned in other channels this is the first 1 I have seen will watch rest as soon as. Good work will follow this series.

Bob Thomas says:

Could go to war with that layout, lol. Very nice work. I am in the US in Colorado and looking at my first major layout. Will be great to follow your expertise. Loved many of your previous vids, glad your back.

James Woodman says:

the suspense is starting to hurt lol, when is ep2 being released???

Peter J Hillier says:

Excellent, thank you for providing such a great Video, my Layout will be for 0 Gauge and seeing you stand on one of your completed Board, which are 12mm Ply, I think that's strong enough for 0 Gauge too. Thank you once again.

billfusionenterprise says:

Love the BBC feel of this


Hi there! Going to be a bit off topic here. So I know you have videos of how you go about painting/air brushing but I figured commenting on a more recent video would make you more likely to read this. Anyway so I’m looking into airbrushing my layout like you do but I can’t find enamel paints or thinner at my local hobby shops in America. They’re online but I’d rather pick them out in person. All that’s offered at the shops is acrylic and oil based paints. Would either of these work for airbrushing or should I just buy enamel paints online? Thanks!

Also this is easily the best model railway channel out there. Keep it up!

Josh Calhoun says:

Was there new video put up after this? I thought I saw a new one, but then it was gone when I went to watch it later. I've been looking forward to more!

Jak Kav says:

Hello! Just wondering what width the 12mm ply is (the ply used for the frame). Is it 300mm?

AsthMattic Gaming says:

Very excited to see the new build – thank you for covering your process in such detail.

Jeff Gibson says:

"Tee-nut" leg levelers. Twenty cents apiece.

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