HO Scale OPS: Trouble on Amtrak’s MI2 Runner

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Filmed 05/28 and 06/25/15

Well… here it is. The video that’s been in the works for a couple months now. This is one of the biggest and most complex Operations video I’ve ever done. And it fought me almost every step of the way.

The Amtrak train in this video is not replicating any current (or passed) actual train. It’s my own freelanced Amtrak train. I call it the MI2 Runner. “MI2,” by the way, stands for Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. It’s set up to be an extension or continuation of the Missouri River Runners (the 314/313 and the 316/311) which run between Kansas City and St. Louis, MO. This set runs on the fictional Kansas City Eastern, picking up In St’ Louis leaves off. This runner set services St. Louis to Indianapolis, IN.

During filming, something happened on the layout’s programming track that scrambled some of the settings in the 822 which ended up causing the ditch lights to not function properly. So I sent it to Shane to have him figure it out and he had to basically reprogram the decoder.

While this was all going on, a new sound file update came down from ESU for the EMD 710 series prime movers which also included updated and better sounding horns and bells. So, during the video, if you notice the 3984 sounds different in a few spots, well, that’s because of the upgrade.

With as many issues as I’ve had making this video, I decided to not go back and re-shoot all the 3984’s scenes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be ready yet. So, this one certainly isn’t perfect and does have some continuity issues, but over all I think it came out pretty good.

Next Sunday will be the National N Scale Convention video. Filmed a lot of stuff for that one, and it’s going to be another long one too. Then, like usual, railfanning video on Wednesday.

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