How-to Install Grade Crossings – N, HO & O scale | Model Scenery | Woodland Scenics

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Learn to install realistic Wood Plank or Steel Plate Grade Crossings on your model railroad layout.

Grade Crossings – Wood Plank – O, HO & N Scale (C1145, C1147, C1149)
Grade Crossings – Steel Plate – O, HO & N Scale (C1146, C1148, C1150)

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Sale Price: $138.08

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Robert Prideaux says:

spare couple of wheel sets helps ensure inner spacing?

Roger G. Perkins says:

Congratulations on introducing this product; sorry I am nearly 3 years late in viewing.  I also like the fact that the narrator has nicely manicured finger nails and clean hands.  It is very unappealing to see dirty hands in a scale model video; I think it sends a negative messenger about attention to detail of the manufacturer/seller.  Respectfully submitted.

InfraRedHead says:

Hello, I was wondering how long the HO Scale crossing is in length, Thanks.

michigandon says:

Is the white stuff plaster?

ECWnWWF says:

where are the crossing gates and signals? and I remember just using rerailers for grade crossings

wthwing says:

So what about corners????

Babs Courtney says:

If you use this with MTH O scale RealTrax you will have to cut back the grades wood planks inside the rails due to the flanges of a MTH freight car will not clear the flange way! Use a Dremel sanding tool or sanding paper or sanding block to cut it back so your flanges will clear! You will have to cut back past the rail plates on the crossties to make enough room! Do this before gluing down and check it a couple of times and make sure the car is not riding up or picking it and cause a derailment! It takes about 10 minutes to do it with a Dremel tool! After it clears flanges then glue it down! It is a must do!

MeowMix says:

What is the glue that you were using to glue down the shims and the crossings?

Model Railways Project Channel says:

Hi. I know you said you don't do a curved shaped one, but my question is could you take one of these and shape it to the curve you want to use it on?

Luke Nutley says:

Do they come curved? 

videogamelover287 says:

Can I use this with Marklin HO 3-rail track?

Cape Main Rail Photography says:

I will get some of these and I subscribed would be good if you guys subscribe back

Kenjuro's Travels & Hobbies says:

I just got motivated to work on my layout this weekend!

Guy Muffin says:

I actually purchased some of these I hope they are awesome just like they are in this video thank you very much

s0nnyburnett says:

Love these videos.

mark kroll says:

Nice video!

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