Steam Locomotives Operate On HO Scale Model Railroad Layout

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Close HO Model trains from yesteryear. Model trains puff and splutter and pick up speed on an HO model train layout. This double headed steam locomotive HO scale model railways display is spectacular.

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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Ratt1959 says:

Great job! Love the smoke and sound.

colinroxanduknowit says:

Nice trains and amazing layout 5 stars!

othrower74 says:

Great layout.

Eric Lynch, CIO Copywriter says:

That was beautiful, friend! I really enjoyed that. Nice layout. Beautiful scenery.

blast says:

B&W?!!! Good!
As the trains! Great!

airborne2201 says:

watching this makes me miss my old layout, i gotta get back into the models again, it just a bit expensive haha

drglinski says:

Plaster cloth works better, but to each his own.

Paul Ruud says:

What you see is smoke coming out of the smokestacks. This is from the coal which is burned to heat the water, which turns to steam, to move the pistons that turn the wheels that move the steam engine down the tracks.

Juan Chong says:

Wow great video , i felt like a child again tnahks

Marjan Matevski says:


rkthannah says:

THat is the best train videoeverg

stringbean56x says:

My three year old son loves trains. We don't have a lot of money either, but our set can grow over time. Maybe by the time he has kids our set will be something to see. In HO scale it doesn't cost much to get started.

Christian Schonberger says:

Very beautiful. Just the deep "wailing" American steam whistle (three chime?) doesn't quite fit for the European steamers. These have single chime "peeping" whistles (at least the ones I know of).

Hannu Bolbach says:

Hmmh, looks like 2 Maerklin engines, a DB BR44 and her French counterpart operating on two rail DC layout, nice:-)

creamofcardstv says:

Your video is great and I've rated it as awesome. Please check out mine on some 1920's railway centenary tobacco cards and a short clip of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch miniature railway.

Nec1228 says:

looks a little big to be ho scale

Xiphias52 says:

Have you seen that Hornby now make 00 gauge live steam? At the minute only A4 Pacifics (like the Mallard) and A3 Pacifics (like the Flying Scotsman), but the technology does exist. RTR price: about £300.

Trevor Mooney says:

Nice to watch

Swampertdude56 says:

i love this railroad/train! too bad i dont have anything except thomas tank engine cars that are broken.. 🙁

extra normal says:

nice chuffing sound!

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