Laying Metcalfe Paving Slabs – Developing the Town Scene – Part 2

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Part 3:

(Part 2 of 4) This is part two of my developing the town scene series. In this video, I finish off the level crossing and go through the process of laying some Metcalfe paving slabs. I hope you enjoy!

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Alan Nicholson says:

You done a fine job but I don't like my cars running off the end of the road on to the floor prefer to have turn right or left to avoid hitting the floor.

Dawson Davis says:

Looks amazing! But add some grime. No ones tericotta is that clean 😄

Ricecake 123 says:

its funny when you said ''I've dulled it down nicely.'' XD (I'm not hating btw.)

Caius Martius says:

Well done Charlie, looks excellent.

Adrian Rosenlund-Hudson says:

Blimey Charlie! Your layout looks really good. Very inspiring. I'll be watching this a few times whilst i'm building my layout.

Cerys Storey says:

what make are the houses?😃

Pacey Mauldin says:

I have a name for your town if you'd like to call your town by this name, Acre Valley

Pacey Mauldin says:

Did you give your town a name

Kenney Flynn says:

Very helpful video, looks really good, it's a credit to you.

Alan Murphy says:

Thanks Mitchell great video on the town scene, the pavers are great, just like laying the real thing the town is looking really good, great job look forward to more updates….

Woody Wood says:

Looks very good and has given me some ideas for my layout.
Well done

Peter Shaw says:

Looking just like one of the old railway towns in the UK , good product and very effective ……Peter.

David Howarth says:

Looks good , takes time , but worth it

Andy Hudson says:

You have done a great job with the town scene


Dan Lawrie says:

Great job, the finished product looks awesome! The town scene is coming along very nicely. Cheers, Dan

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