8 x 4 foot HO Scale Model Train Layout – modified River Pass layout.

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8 x 4 foot HO layout with outer loop in DC and 2 higher loops in DCC. This is a modified version of the Woodland Scenics River Pass layout but I have made it so 2 separate trains can run on independent tracks. This allows me to operate both DC and DCC so I can run all my favourite locos. It is modelled more on a European theme as most of my engines are in that style.

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Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


christmasalight says:

Hi Jack
The rock formations are all from rock molds that I make using casting plater. The water is Woodland Scenics realistic water.

Jack McClellan says:

We especially like your river gorge.  It's much more realistic than the wider river in the river pass kit.  How did you achieve that effect.  Can you give us some tips?

Silly Goose says:

youre a little old to be playing with trains

Willian Smithonson says:

I have spent months researching how to build a railroad layout and discovered a fantastic resource at Jareks hobby club (google it if you are interested)

james torrance says:

have you got plan of layout

Pierre Castanets says:

that's a badass drone video

Harry Haefner says:

Thanks for showing, afterall I too am planning an 8 x 4 foot 3 story riser myself at some point in time.  Great task mate!

Dan Lawrie says:

Great layout, nice work! Cheers, Dan

Richard Van Raay says:

Do you have more than one 4×8 layout? If so, why not join them?
Your work is inspirational. Thank you.

christmasalight says:

Thanks,  I hope to post a video of my very large layout that you could just see in the background in the next few weeks.

Gregory Marrero says:

Really nice layout it looks awsome man

christmasalight says:

If you have the full kit you may need to change it a bit then to incorporate the waterfall etc.  I did not use the kit but made the slopes myself using a jigsaw with plywood and pine timber pieces cut from 5mm up to 80mm in height.

Silk Boxing says:

I have the whole River pass Kit still in the Box. Had it 3 yrs now, but have been working on some Dioramas. I also have been thinking how to modify this layout. I definitely want to put a waterfall in somewhere with a river Bed.

daniel kielty says:

Nice job! What is your steepest grade?

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