Model Railroad laser cut structures from RSM models

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Model Railroad laser cut structures from RSM models. New Castle Car Wash.

Famous Chicago Route 66 “Castle” Car Wash

Prototype: The “Castle” Car Wash is a famous Route 66 landmark built in the mid 1920’s. The “Castle” car wash was not always known by that name and may not always have been a castle. From an article by Dave Clark, local Rt. 66 enthusiast, he suspects that original owner John J. Murphy, who owned the place for at least 40 years, may have made the alteration in the 1940s. You can see a borderline; maybe this shows two eras of the building. After Murphy’s ownership ceased, the building was S&B Standard Service, then Gas City and eventually the Castle Car Wash. It is closed now and preservationists are concerned for its future.

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Model: The “Castle” car wash is a precision cut laser structure which offers a level of realism rarely seen in HO scaled buildings on the market today. What separates our structures from other laser kits on the market is our engraving process. We don’t just use the laser to cut our parts we actually engrave our parts. The engraving process on all RSM models gives each model realistic wooden grain, brick and stone textures. The engraving process on the “Castle” car wash is magnificant, the stones work created on this model is like nothing else ever done before. The engraving process adds the ultimate detail to every RSM structure. All parts are designed with the latest in CADCAM software to allow for exceptional fit and finish. Assembly has been enhanced with a complete and thorough manual that will guide you from start to finish during the building process.

To ensure that the model was engineered and manufactured to exact specifications, we commissioned a renowned artist and model builder to build and paint several of the “Castle” car wash structures. Our artist stated that, ” The design and finish of this model is superior to HO scaled buildings he has built in the past.”


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