Large Private Model Railroad RR Lionel O Scale Gauge Train Layout of Ron Stevenson’s awesome trains

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Ron Stevenson shares his awesome Lionel O Scale / Gauge Model Railroad train layout.

Ron’s passion for trains started as a 10 year old boy when Santa brought him a Lionel train set for Christmas in 1952. He’s collected Lionel trains from that day forward. Today his collection has many original Lionel buildings from the 1950’s. This layout includes several city environments, bridges over water, and a ski mountain!

Every area on the layout is complete. The engines, cars, and scenery on the layout are of the highest quality, all add realism, and just a wonderful experience to view.

This is just amazing!

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

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Bobby G. says:

Wow. Brings back so much memories. I grew up living with my grandparents and my grandfather spent 35 plus years building 6 huge tables (2 sets of 3 levels) all with top of the line trains and models. With all braches of the military, police, firemen for one table and the rest was looking at a normal life back when times were good. He spent so much time down there. It was my favorite thing to do. Sadly when he passed in 2003, my grandmother had to move a year after and had the entire thing taken down and thrown on. Obviously we took off all the trains and stuff. It was just really sad to see something like that go. He would of loved to see this and hang out. Back in the 90s when we worked on it, there wasn’t many people that liked this and there was only one store here on Long Island. And a few people would go in. This was something that should of taken off. People just don’t appreciate good things anymore. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the memory lane. I needed that especially lately.

Ernest Imken says:

Lionel is O gauge, not O scale. O scale is 2 rail DC.

Gfw Trains says:

It's a fun layout to run on I have been to rons house because my dad is good friends with him I got to run my MTH sd70 on that layout great layout

Cooking with Logan says:

That is so cool I want one

Travis Henry says:

Awesome, my first Lionel train was a Thomas The Tank Engine O gauge train. I was 6 when I got them and I lobed them ever since. We had an attic we never used, so I built a train set up there. I love trains to this day.

Minion Moto says:

@10:0410:06 i like that flat bed truck with the flat bed trailer, almost looks like an old ford. It makes it more realistic when the smoke and sounds are coming from the trains.

Elias Padilla says:

Omg. I wish I had someone to come help me with this!!! I have a whole back house to design!!

John Cerutti says:

My grandfather had a huge trainset similair to this one, never got to see it cause he had to move out

John Cerutti says:

Wheres this located

renewer says:


Валера Филиппов says:

Hello from St.Petersburg.
Very good.

RedstoneJohn says:

That train he described is the exact train my grandfather had when he was a kid. It actually still works well, and is why I'm into model trains. Hence me watching this video.

shredder574 , says:

I just got my starter kit today #hobby shop amaze (my birthday) 🙂

kstrains says:

Great, Layout! Lots of fantastic accessories. Looks like he is controlling his engines via MTH Wifi. A very fun layout! Thank you for sharing.

D says:

What a mess. Too much stuff.

james capra says:

Thanks.Great trains and layout. I grew up in the 40s and 50s,and had some of these great Lionel products.Mmmmmmmm

Shanta Manohar says:

amazing layout enjoyed every movement of this video

ZeldaTheSwordsman says:

Can the culvert pipe company be assembled such that the crane that loads the staging ramp is offset to the other side? It's an amazing piece but as currently set up the loading process is kinda circular

13thBear says:

Alrighty, this guy knows how to operate his trains- he doesn't run 'em like slot cars! 🙂

Gfw Trains says:

I have also been to his layout he is in my train club the TCA

Wayne Butt says:

Very nice! Thank you Lou!

manickreations says:

very nice!!!!

Bannana Boy says:

It was so loud in their

Bannana Boy says:

Lou I love your videos. I have 2 questions. 1 y don't u show your face. 2 what kind of camera do u use?

DarthSmartt says:


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