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Before we move on to my next series, this is a video for DR35 who is looking for a particular Hornby track plan.

This i believe is the one we’ve being discussing. It’s from the Hornby track plans 6th edition booklet. The plan is number 9/6 from page 18 & 19.Any way i hope this is the one DR35 is looking for. So for any other model railway / railroad fans who are looking for a track plan, you may like this. The base board size is 9 foot long by 4 foot wide & is on two levels.

New series up next.Cheers.

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Sale Price: $138.08

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ay76 says:

@jmsschooner If taken off to be run with out, then you'll need to change the wheels that would have the tyres on. This is so to match the same wheel RP. For running a full 9 car unit (one set of here for real is now 11 car!!) traction tyres will be needed.

ay76 says:

@jmsschooner If kept clean & check regular for any splits etc, should be okay. Traction tyres, a big source of debate amongst many modellers.

ay76 says:

@jmsschooner Again that i'm putting down to the wheels & pick ups possibly not being clean enough. Also check to see if any wires are broken on it. Running on tight radius curves like 2nd radius can cause the wires to stretch & brake, hence go for 3rd radius & above……plus the Hornby points don't really help as they are to tight a radius (express version better). Going for Peco medium & larger radius much better for it.

ay76 says:

@jmsschooner The one for lillybank, i redrew the altered track plan (modified from the Hornby plan) for it. Sadly I no longer have the track plan i drew up. In hindsite, for it to suit the likes of your class 390 etc, it would have to be redrawn to allow for the bigger radius curves (& points) needed. So you'd be now looking at a bigger size base board than the 8 by 4 foot i used. May be one for you to have a go at drawing up??

ay76 says:

@jmsschooner sizes shown on the left & also bottom of the page (4 foot by 9 foot) Bad news is this has 1st radius curves, (So your pendolino won't run round part of it) so you'd need to up the radius to a bigger on & re work the track plan to that. Also means you'll need a bigger board. This plan is from the 6th edition book.

ay76 says:

@freddie09ify Yes it's called 9/6. Cheers.

freddie09ify says:

do you know wether or not it has a name?

ay76 says:

It's a good track plans book if you can find a copy of it. Cheers.

Mikey Hurst says:

Cheers! i can use this for my new layout!!!!!!!! 🙂

ay76 says:

If you can ever lay your hands on this Hornby track plans book, worth buying. Edition number 6 with the HST on the cover at Newcastle station. Cheers.

Itfcsam says:

wow! that looks good! when i actually build my railway, i mean permanently, when i find the best place, i may use that for inspiration

ay76 says:

Heh heh heh 🙂 if you can find it, worth buying. Cheers.

connorj2k8 says:

ooh i live near newcastle .toon ,toon,black and white army !!!!!

ay76 says:

Great stuff. If you want be to I'll send you a copy of this to you.Glad i could help.Cheers.

ay76 says:

It was one i nearly built ten years ago, but ended up doing Lillybank instead.Cheers.

ay76 says:

Yes, not a bad track plans book either. It's the Hornby one with the HST at Newcastle on the front (edition number 6).Cheers.

jaannetts16 says:

5* great vid

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