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This is the nickle tour of my layout and a brief peek at how I made my bridges. It should provide better construction detail to view. My previous video has a sound problem. I made this with a different camera.

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Sale Price: $138.08

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Joey Brownfield says:

Nice bridge.I have a z scale I'm scratch building. Same concept. Most artist than engineering concept. I used balsa wood for the main support of the bridge. My bridge is 2' 1" z scale.

sivathasan muthukumaru says:

where is your keystone

Norbert Roll says:

Really beautiful bridges you constructed. Congrats to such wonderful works.

Don Rogers says:

You are a bridge builder a pdf of them, beautiful

Hugo Erick Badillo says:

Está precioso este pequeño puentecito

Michael McFadden says:

How has the bridge help up since you made the video?

June Bug_313 says:

How tall is ur tables

Nick Goedecke says:

So how much would you charge to build 3 of those? I'm trying to model the MacArthur bridge in St. Louis.

Lazaro Pedraza says:

Amazing work I like (SOLID)

Pierre Klee says:


John Parra says:

I like what you did, however Basswood would be much stronger. Most people use plastic I-beems, angle, ext.

Dallas Nyberg says:

Great layout…. awesome bridges!…..

Rusty Collier says:

Absolutely beautiful work!

ModelerManMike says:

Very nice build!

Ken Harvey says:

Excellent video,thanks,Buddyboy

Douglas McCarty says:

When building a model of a steel bridge, why not make it out of metal?

mpeterll says:

That's an impressive bridge and the lack of rivet detail doesn't matter.  It's NOT a cantilever though.  It's a through truss, supported at both ends and with the compression members at the top.  A cantilever is supported in the center and has the compression members at the bottom – think of a pair of shelves on opposite sides of a wall.

TheGryxter says:

Yemyrrej…Almost forgot, How do you like that stone paper you have behind the Amtrak cars? It looks great in the video. I have thought this stuff over and over and not really sure if I should indulge. I live out in the boonies (no hobby stores) so I never get to see things without ordering them first. You only get a good look at items upon delivery. So when you buy something you don't care for…well you own it.  Thanks again.

TheGryxter says:

Yemyrrej…Hello. Great video. I really like the way your bridge turned out. Yeah I'm not a rivet counter either, but hell that bridge looks beautiful rivies or not. By the way, it also happens to be the same bridge that I have been loking for. I like the way the top has an arch to it. I am bored with the square bridges that adorn every layout. Is there any way you could lead me to how I could find a set of plans or drawings of your bridge? I work in "N" so I would just have to reduce them. Any help at all steering me in the right direction would be wonderful. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more videos. THANKS.

ciscargo says:

Amazing looking bridge, your video has inspired me to go ahead and build my own! 

Diego Giles says:

Hola,exelente puente que hiciste me podrias decir las medidas que tiene ya que soy ferromodelista quiero hacer uno te doy mi mail exelente trabajo.Saludos

Vincent Sanders says:

I would like to see the plan better. I am in N and I need to build a 4 and a half foot double track bridge. The center span should look like your 5 foot bridge and the two on the ends like you Walters bridge. I have never build a bridge like this. but I have never had any trouble building anything else so far. So anything you can toss my way that can help would be awesome. My email is Thanks.

Paradise Victor says:

I like the balsa Wood touch, my bridges are made of Hard wood, and Thet seem to me to be  too rigid, I like the realworld fraility of your Balsa Bridge… Just one question, How far does the Center of bridge BOW when trains go across… Our Guess over her is 1/4 inch… thanks for the Video, we are going to redo our bridges with Balsa too.

briefnote72 says:

technically you have an awesome representation of a steel bowstring through truss bridge, similar to many  railway bridges that need to span long distances, usually you'll find 3, 4 or 5 or more of these spans to make a single bridge across a wide navigable river like the Ohio.

Fartblast Supercracker says:

Incredible workmanship! 

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