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Full video of “Constructing DPM Kits” DVD

Learn how to build structures from DPM kits. Miles builds a structure from start to finish, demonstrating techniques and offering tips related to assembly, painting, adding details and more.

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Kelly’s Saloon (10100)

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sohchx says:

At 32:50 what is the color called that is being sprayed as the common brick color?

PacbeltRR says:

These are awesome tutorial videos for beginner or expert alike! I've been in the Hobby since 1975, and found this a great refresher course. I noticed that a few other experienced modelers have commented here as well. I wish more were coming….
I also wish that some mass producer (hint!!) would start making some buildings and vehicles from the late 1970's to at LEAST the late 1990's. We're the group getting older now….. Thanks!
Carmine 🚂

David Shaw says:

Great 👍 very useful tips details is very important detail makes it really worth the time and most pleasing to the eye

Dwayne Palcko says:

any time i go to a hobby shop if i see a dpm kit i grab it and also the roof and trim kit especially the roof and trim kit is woodlands scenics still making the roof and trim kit dpm kit's ?.

scabberdoug says:

what kind of material was used for the light block?

Deaf3279 says:

no caption? 🙁

How come all layout have 1920-1960's town level. Where is skyscape like we have today in new york? Detriot? los angeles?

arch angel says:

You are awesome! Thanks for your attention to detail. Very quick and proficient.

doverandover61 says:

I liked the way he kept pronouncing roof as ruff 😉 silly I know.

GeminiJets ORD says:

Which stores can I purchase DPM kits from in the U.S.? (Illinois specifically)

Cedrick E. Moore says:

Why do so many use these expensive green blotters? I just bought one, but that is for the keyboard and mouse.
This seems too nice to use as a base for modeling.

Guderian64 says:

A Hurray for "Windex" , (a kind of Greek invention as we know already by : My Big Fat Greek Weeding ), but to be honest , I did enjoy Your presentation. Thank You.

Paul Walton says:

I live in the UK and have so far built a couple of the DPM kits in "N" scale, whilst I can find some generic rub down lettering and lettering it tends o be of the British/European style. I have tried, without success, to source the ones used in this master class to decorate the glazing, help in finding them to use on the buildings I have yet to construct would be much appreciated.

jagdwolf86 says:

What are the item numbers for that dry transfer decals he did on the windows?

Thomas Murphy says:

I cannot believe how much I learned from this interesting and informative video starting from the sanding platform in the tool section. All my brick buildings are one solid color except for the roof and all the trim work, I never realized that buildings were 2 varients of quality brick. Thank you for a total learning experience!

Bruce Adams says:

DPM kits are fun to assemble and look great. These tips from Miles (and Fran at live clinics) are worth a million bucks. I use an outline of the steps in this video, plus info from the DPM instruction sheets as a checklist so I don't miss anything. They work for other projects, too. Thanks for making the video available!

Kelley Morrissey says:

can i put gravel on the top of the roof

Jennifer Cosentino says:

Excellent Video! I wish he still made how-to videos Miles is fantastic  🙂

njRRtrainer says:

Wow.. This was a great presentation, well done and really useful information, techniques and ideas..
Thank you

chris dav says:

where do you find the syringes to apply the tenex 7?

ModelerManMike says:

Where is Miles and does he still do video's for you guys? Would be nice to see some more recent stuff from him, maybe a DVD or something?

Rdrake1413 says:

Excellent video

John Prescott says:

Wow, this video is spectacular. Lots of great tips and tricks in this hour long vid. I've added it to my favorites section, and will definitely be watching it again soon. Thanks for putting this up!

johnnypsr says:

Excellent video! Thank you for taking the time to do this.
at 13:50 where can I aquire an applicator such as the one you use for your tenax7?

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