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This is the new world record for longest model train. Total length of train is 1,134′ From beginning to end takes about 29 minutes to pass by.

The layout is about 28’W and 65’L.. Loops around 8 times then does a flyover to go back in the center then loops around again. Total length of the track is around 1,300′

used over 434 pieces of 3′ flex track.

Power is a 12 volt DC car battery

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Jacob Ruiz says:

Just the fact that you had all the:

A) Freight Cars

B) Track

C) Space

D) and time to do this blows me away

quad8 says:

One day, CSX will break your record! You ought to see how the CEO is handling things.

Michael Clark says:

What did it take, about 50' to get the slack out?

That's what it looked like anyway.

Great job.

Gaming with rainbow enderman and witherzilla and godzilla aka says:

My train in trainz a new era my train is longer than that my train is 4444 cars long 100 engens

MrTehemton says:

risner…congrats…..sure beats the AUSSIES real life trains. who funds you

Anant Saxena says:

loving it superb i am inspired now

Mark Arrivi says:

Really amazing congratulations

Sunisa Chanthongnoi says:


w chaput says:

How dull is this? Some defective stares at a single spot on the wall while cars move past like a conveyor belt.

OwlEye2010 says:

So, let's see if I'm getting this right…those multiple freight cars on the other tracks were all part of the same train headed by that Conrail engine?

Alex the Railfanning Redneck™ says:

This is longer than the longest real train ever.

Marshall Schmitz says:

I cannot believe being someone in a car at a crossing with this train if this was real.

Michael Pearson says:

can u imagine a real train with that many cars and engine going across the u.s

Michael Pearson says:

where is this at wow

Joe S says:

And i thought i had a lot of cars!

Angelicaaudio says:

One of the World’s Largest Railway Model – Největší Model Železnice – Modellbahn Modell Eisenbahn – 7.000 m2 – NEW ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

moving2sf says:

Kinda pointless and poorly shot.

The Gamer Guy says:

tfw your model train weighs as much as a sedan

Michael Stillwagner says:

out of all that, only 1 loco and 14 railcars for Chessie System.

Firstname Lastname says:

HOW MUCH MONEY DID THOSE COST!? HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD DID YOU DO THAT!? HOW DID YOU GET SO MANY CARS AND LOCO LOCOMOTIVES!? You must be rich to afford all that… It must have cost around 19,120$…

warren maker says:

Too much money… Too much spare time…. and now TOO many Freight cars

Sexy Vegan says:

This reminds me of the time I fell asleep while waiting for a real train to pass. Lol

Sexy Vegan says:

If you can lay 1134 feet of track, I figured the least I could do was watch a 30 second ad to pay you back. Hopefully you'll see some YouTube money one day to offset your costs. By the way, for more views, you should also title this as ASMR.

Anonymous says:

Hahahaha! Pretty awesome. That is nuts.

Kevin Richards says:

I wonder if there has ever actually been a real train that long with the exact same number of cars and locomotives hooked onto it. Lol

Kevin Richards says:

He must have lots of space & money to buy & lay down that much track & train. He'll have lots & lots of cleaning to do on the tracks & wheels on that very long train.

JoshJLMG Productions says:

What transformer do you have that can feed that many trains?!


pretty pointless

Captain_Chris says:

cool a video of a long train………………………………30 seconds in screaming at computer "STOP MOVING THE F*ING CAMERA!!!!!!!"

michael johnson says:

Must of took a life time just setting that up, lol.

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