My new OO gauge model train layout Hornby Bachmann Lima

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A quick video of my model railway layout, I bought the layout second hand and have added some buildings and am now in the process of some minor scenery tweeks and track cleaning.

This video shows a few locomotives and rolling stock on the layout of differing eras, mainly Hornby, Lima and Bachmann stock will be present!

I will try to do some videos shortly with scenery changes and locomotives running with suitable rolling stock.

Main locomotives include Bachmann 37 DB Schenker livery, Bachmann Class 57 FGW livery for Riviera Sleeper (Using Hornby Scotrail Sleeper Coaches), Hornby Class 50 DCC sound BR Blue, Bachmann BR Green Class 25, Hornby Devon Belle DCC sound locomotive, Hornby Silver Link Loco, Bachmann 37 Railfreight, Hornby Freight 08, Hornby WD Grey Ltd Ed Steam engine (with Silver Jubilee coaches), Hornby 08 DCC sound EWS, Bachmann 57 DRS Compass livery, Hornby 73 Gatwick Express,

Listed Price: $159.99
Sale Price: $138.08

KAT1372015 N GG-1 CR Bicentennial #4800/redwhtblu...


Kelois Belois says:

Too much wires. Your gonna pay lots of dollars for the bills

tristan vander-molen says:

very good lay out be nice to set up my Hornby again got backman to got a lot of lovely trains all worth a lot of money.

TrueGamer302 says:

Very smart indeed

Matt the Terrier says:

Dat Class 50, though!

Allan Smith says:

What should I get as my first set and how should I build from that

SeaToby11 says:

Do the British model freight/goods? I see a nice rake of tankers, but no sidings for a refinery or a chemical factory. I have been searching YouTube for British freight/goods being shunted, but have yet to see it being done. 

Bobby D says:

Brilliant! What's the all grey train & coaches?

BlazersTrainz says:

Hi Matthew

Many thanks for the feedback! The layout is about 6 X 4 ft the same space as you have, this allows as you can see not too bad a size for 2 or 3 ovals really in OO gauge using the standard radius curves. The main downside I see really is the limited space for creating stations of a "scale length" and that the rake length of trains is kind of limited or the train can take up half the size of the oval, due to this I tend to have a maximum length of 6-7 engines / coaches size really!

Matthew Boot says:

Hello, I love your videos and I'm subscribed. I was wondering what size your layout is in ft? I am currently working on a 6 X 4 ft layout and I was wondering the size of yours to inspire me and my layout.

BlazersTrainz says:

I have DCC and analogue locos, normally run a couple of tracks digital and one analogue!
Thanks for watching!

ILuSiOnZzzzz says:

Dcc or analogue

BlazersTrainz says:

Hi, sorry I have no idea probably in a bundle of bits and bobs I have bought over the years!

Joe reynolds says:

0:23 where did you get the Morgan convertible from??

BlazersTrainz says:

Hi, these are the Hornby Teak LNER coaches which are the newer super detail models, thanks B_T

Jacob Morgan says:

Where did you get the coaches pulled by the (I think) West country class at the beginning.

King Hintercity says:

what size is your layout in feet

BlazersTrainz says:

Will keep my eyes peeled! 🙂

Matthew Boot says:

it's fine, an I think I could be buying a new 8×8 shed especially for my layout! Could be making some uploads of it 😉

BlazersTrainz says:


Unfotunately the majority of the hard work was done when I bought the board, I have added the majority of the buildings / people / vehicles / some details. There were two colours of ballast when I got the layout so I have painted to make it all the same and then "weathered" around the track and painted the grey bits which were bare wood when I got it.

Many thanks for your comments, I think it is getting there, not much space for anymore!

Cheers, R_R

Matthew Boot says:

WOW! I'm impressed with you layout! I own a 6×4 ft railway, but I have only about 5 buildings, 6 working engines, 12 trees, no hills/landscape and 2 or 3 stations, so i have alot of room for improvement! I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to build up scenery and hills etc…?

BlazersTrainz says:

Hi ant

Sorry for the late reply, catching up on messages!

Many thanks glad you like it, aiming to do some more videos soon!

Just subbed back!


AnthonyRailwayB says:

That's a nice layout you have there. If you could I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my channel and maybe subscribe if you like. Thanks, Ant.

Johns Amazing Trains - chambs123 says:

Great video buddy….enjoyed, liked & thumbs-up! Some nice locos & rolling stock too. I have a 7 x 4 so its a similar size to yours….I too feature a lot happening in my videos! Cheers, John.

BlazersTrainz says:

Hi, I bought the layout with track etc all done so I am not to sure of its origin, I have done the finishing touches to it with more buildings / people / weathering etc!

Glad you like it, I have DCC and analogue locos, normally run a couple of tracks digital and one analogue!

Thanks for watching!

ThatHornbyGuy says:

Great layout! I see you used the general idea of the Hornby trakmat! that's what I'm doing! Is your layout DCC?

BlazersTrainz says:

Thanks, glad you like it! Plan on doing some more "themed" videos in the future! eg different eras and liveries etc!

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